Magical Unicorn Mum ..

I like to normally think my Facebook page is pretty Real and honest,
But recently I had to take another look to make sure I was being authentic to me ....

you see over the past few months I’ve been reconnecting with lots of people on my social media and I've had quite a few people tell me how "inspiring" I am, how they don't think they could ever be as positive as I am, how they don't think they could ever do what I do running two business around my kids

Well let me stop you right there .... I’m certainly not positive polly ok 👌🏼 I'm just a regular mum, yes I love my babies and I love my career, I love helping people feel happy and healthy ...
but  there’s so many things I still feel like I’m failing at,  I try not to share too much negativity on social media.. because what’s the point, whining publicly about the price of fuel or that your feeling sick  it isn’t going to change the fact, and it’s not making anyone else’s lives any better so what’s the point filling up peoples newsfeed with it …

but the reality is sometimes I feel like I’m on top of ever thing, making cookies, working out, and my kids aren’t trying to kill each other … and then some days I leave the house in Weetbix stained jeans and I haven’t washed my hair in 6 days …. And I’ve got to pop to the shop to buy bread and DIY make sandwiches on the way to school …I’m that behind on life

I'm also late most mornings to school,
I still lose my patience at my kids ( I'm getting better at this day by day )
I still get frustrated by people around me
I still worry that I'm not a good enough friend, sister, daughter,
I’m not on top of my house or baking homemade vegan zucchini sugar free muffins every afternoon
I vaccume my floors once a month and I hate cleaning my bathroom, I can't be bothered meal planning, I am constantly forgetting school assemblies and consent forms
I'm 25 almost 26 and I still haven't got my shit together yet ...

And I’m trying to be better … I really am … but I refuse to feel guilt over this learning process … because that’s what it is … in 20 years time, my kids won’t remember if they ate gluten free and organic, they wont remember if the washing taking an extra day to actually make it back in the drawers, or the fact the skirting boards haven’t been dusted in six months … what they will hopefully remember is that they are SOOO unconditionally loved,  that their parents are deeply in love with each other, that we believe in ethics, honesty, loyalty and kindness

I refuse to feel guilty about my priorities .. but I also want all of you to know, I’m just a regular mum trying not to lose her shit on the daily, I’m still busy, I have ballet classes footy practice, assemblies ( I keep forgetting) I’m still trying to find time to volunteer on the sausage sizzles and fete stalls  .. plus, add on top all of Erik’s therapy and the fact our parenting journey has been a little more complicated than others …. Yes, I’m busy, yes I’m fairly positive most of the time … yes I have a very supportive husband but I’m no magical  unicorn momma  

I was not always the positive semi balanced adultish woman you see today, in fact only 2 years ago I was in a pretty dark place ... I was lucky that something came into my life that encouraged me to change my thinking which in turn has changed my life ... I still have low days, I'm human, some days I wasn't to shut the door. And just curl up with a book, some days I don't like my kids, I'll always love them unconditionally but sometimes we have days were we just don't vibe with each other ...
some days they have cheese on toast for dinner ... and mummy has fruit salad in a glass 🍷🙊 but they know that they are loved, no matter what

I didn't become positive over night, it's not a switch that you flick, it's a little decision every day to see the lesson in every situation and see things from others perspective that helps you see the world a little differently

Im not some mystical inspirational unicorn mum ... I'm just a mumma who realised that taking good care of my kids mean first I have to take good care of myself
 And I removed the guilt that comes with taking care of yourself an being a mum … because who the hell decided we have to feel guilty for taking care of ourselves anyway ???



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