#mumlife .... School Holiday Insanity

… here we go again, school holidays :)

This is not going to be one of those posts where I give you 21 amazing ideas for your school holidays, so if that’s what your after, don’t bother reading any further … I am so not that mum

I use to be that mum,

Oh language warning too … this posts about to get real honest ….

 I remember the days I would sit back painting my toe nails enjoying reading a magazine while Erik had his 3 hour afternoon nap, day dreaming about all the school holiday adventures I would lovingly and patiently plan once Erik was at school  .. back before I had a life ( autism, two kids, two businesses, Weetabix stuck on pretty much every surface of my house and no hope of actually getting my toe nails painted every again )

Haha yeah right, god, me before two kids was a bit of a naive twit wasn’t she

 So far Eriks only in kindy, and this is the second time I’ve had to deal with school holidays, not a fan I’m going to be honest :(

Yes, not having to rush out of the house by 8.30 each day it pretty great, but by about 9.30 I’m ready to strangle both kids anyway … so not much difference really.

Heres why its sucks, ( for me)

Every other kid is on school holidays too which basically means there are kids EVERYWHERE, ie. Huge line ups with other hyped up holiday kids and exhausted looking mums, normal things like going to the park or library now becomes a major territorial war as 8 families try to take turns on the same swing set, or a Dora the Explorer induced meltdown when we try to borrow dvds from the local library only to realise every other mum has had the same great idea and everything except  Thomas the tank engine is gone  ( Erik loves Thomas , A LOT which means we have to watch it 3-6 times a day, which is probably why holly hates it so much ) anyway not a great choice for the next two weeks  … toot toot ;/

And with kids everywhere we go ,  everything becomes a playground in Erik’s eyes,  there’s kids everywhere so I can play everywhere right ??? ….. oh god, yes its cute seeing his eyes light up as him and another 6 year old boy use a empty box   to kick back and forth to one another in the supermarket checkout line  …. But a full on game of  chase in Woolworths is not the type of fun I had in mind.

I find myself actually saying #mumlife out loud to  other strangers when my kids mess up in public, ( do something entirely cute but hilariously inappropriate )  … i.e holly drops her toy handbag and the contents spills out at the entry to the council chambers, about 8 elderly men are walking out of some fancy meeting ( suit and tie attire) where Erik loudly proclaims “ oh holly, get your shit together”

I scramble to pick up her belongings, while awkwardly laughing  and declaring “ hash tag mum life”  they do not find it as amusing as I do, they think I’m a terrible mum
I probably am, I’ve never hear another kid say “get your shit together” to a sibling before, well not under the age of 20 anyway ….. is it wrong though that although he swore, I am ridiculously proud that at least he used it in context

# mum life

Only other mums can possibly appreciate what I mean when I #mumlife moments … it’s as if saying yes this is fucking awful embarrassing and frustrating right now … but when I look back on this tomorrow, next week, next year I’m sure I can appreciate the humour in it … one day

so just #mumlife and move on

I feel like I’ll be doing a lot of that this holidays, because kindy is on hold, so is all of Eriks therapy appointments, so we have literally nothing to do, no planned activates, and any activities that are put on by local groups ie. Kinder gym, story morning, etc … you practically have to book a spot month in advance or be prepared to fight with 4 other desperate mums over a cushion for story morning …

 So far its Tuesday , we have already painted, playdohed ( not sure if that’s a word) built couch forts, played kinetic sand, done probably 99 billion drawings of dinosaurs and trucks, puzzles, books etc …… today is baking and I’m already exhausted just thinking about the mess ,sorry I mean “memories” we will be making

Seriously I hope these kids have a good imagination, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be out of ideas in another day or two and then fuck knows what I’m going to do with them then 

I do desperately want to take them to the alpine village in ADELAIDE it looks positively dreamy from the pictures on Instagram, but will have to wait for back up to attempt that one, not sure that 2 hour car trip, ice skates, public place and hot chocolate is a good mix for one parent and two kids …. I’m severely outnumbered and it seems like a recipe for disaster of epic proportions. * help  baby  daddy *

Working from home on school holidays is a nightmare as well,  ha-ha what work,  my work day now happens between 8-10pm and 5-7am ….. still smashing goals, still a boss mamma … still got my no excuses attitude, just have had to sacrifice a little sleep is all (  sex is gone  too …  as is washing hair, thank god for dry shampoo )

Oh ps. Did I mention its raining…? Like constantly, and its freezing

We are forecast to snow on the Barossa ranges today, maybe I can turn that into a field trip  if it does actually snow

So on top of school holiday boredom you can add cabin fever

I’m sure in a year or two I may feel differently, I’m sure when Erik’s full time at school ill be longing for school holidays and that break for both him and me ( I’m not an early morning person )  as we will have those lovely day trips, holidays and activates as I imagined I always would …. Maybe next school holidays will be better, maybe ill have my “ shit together” by then ….

But for today, I’m going to stay in my pyjamas, build a couch for ( for the kids of course) and eat my friggen nachos while they colour in and I watch my bestie girl kimmi.k slay

Fuck yeah #mumlife

End note ….. I’m sure in a day or two I’ll be out of this funk, and you can check out my Instagram for all the cute mumsy shit I’ll be doing with my adorably non possessed kids

Yes I could have kept up the illusion my kids are perfect, it’s far from it … I’m just a mum counting down the hours till bed time but loving all the little moments in between just like everyone else

I love my kids, I really do and I always try to see the positive and be greatly in every moment, but sometimes you just gotta share the shitty moments too

And if anyone actually does have 21 idea that wont send me broke or mentally brake me, let me know  .... tidying or shaving cream activities need not apply 


  1. Oh this made me laugh!!! I hear you loud and clear!
    My little cherubs are 9 and 5, so both in full time school and I live for school holidays. Days when I don't have to say 'put your shoes and socks on' ten million times and the best days of my life!!!!

    As for things to do? I have no idea ;-) being older I leave them to play together, any mention of being bored are quickly silenced when I mention I have a whole basket of laundry that needs folding ;-)


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