Holly louise Birth Story ... Part 1

 Holly Louise birth story .... Part 1

38 week pre natal appointment, baby’s good engaged and I’m ready to go,

However, still overcome with anxiety fear and guilt about Erik’s future,after  his autism diagnosis. There’s is quite a lot of tears, and on more than one occasion I find myself wondering if my almost here baby will have the same fate  … its quite a roller coaster few days, but I digress

 Saturday night is out local “24hour” motor bike trial race,  we go out every single year as a tradition, this year is no expectation and Erik is very excited to see the motorbikes for the first time he really understands how cool they are, also his uncle Joel is racing ( big deal for us all )   … its freezing, muddy and raining, and Aaron makes sure to take the super rough tracks everywhere to “ bump the baby out” all it does is makes my boobs hurt from all the bouncing. And I’m exhausted from trying to hold my belly and both boobs every bump we drive over

We come home and Erik and I have a nap on my bed while Aaron cook’s tea and gets ready to go 4wd ing with some friends, I lay there stroking Erik’s head as he’s asleep on my chest, thinking about all the things I’ve still got to do this week before baby arrives. We still have to move the bed around in our room to fit the bassinet, I’ve still got to wash and unpack some of the blankets, and I want to start filling in her baby book and get started printing and organising the photos, 
While I’m half asleep/half running threw to do lists in my head I begin to feel Braxton hicks again …. 1,2,3,4 and then a break. I fall asleep only to be woken by another small tightening a few minutes later …. Maybe? No it can’t be I’ve still got a week to go … 
 Some friends pop over to say hello after dinner, and I spend the entire visit standing doing the dishes and swaying threw what I think are just Braxton hicks…. They very confidently tell me that the baby is coming tonight and Aaron should stay home, I laugh and tell him to go out, there’s no way that baby is coming tonight ….

 Most of you can tell where this is going, and in hindsight I should have seen it too, but even though this is my second labour it’s my first spontaneous labour, I don’t know what this is meant to feel like, and a big part of me is convinced for some reason or another that ill still be pregnant at 41 weeks and end up induced, don’t ask me why, call it’s a gut feeling or something, doesn’t matter anyway because I was wrong …

We put Erik to bed and Aaron heads out 4wding with his friends “ call me if anything happens”

“it will be find, it’s just Braxton hicks” I tell him as I settle down with  a movie and some caramel pop corn … at this point there no more pregnancy diet, I’ve accepted I’m a while and think fuck it may as well enjoy it on the home stretch

But about 2 hours into my movie, the contractions re back … they are uncomfortable that’s for sure, but not the intense ones I would imagine, just like period cramps, expect annoying and regular. I decide to time them, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes …. I time them for an hour …. Ten minutes apart and lasting 1 minute each …. Maybe this is something

I text Aaron “ I think something might be happening, no broken waters but definably contractions”

He doesn’t get this message for another 30 mins as he’s out of service and I know its another 30 minute drive home, I turn of the tv and waddle to the shower …..Then spend a good 15 minutes with the scalding water blasting on my lower back and the next 15 minutes shaving my legs, washing my hair very methodically …. “This could be it” I think , so may as well freshen up !  I sway threw every contraction …. Like a giant wet pregnant  hippo

By the time Aaron gets home , I’ve packed the bags straightened my hair and folded a few loads of washing …. The contractions are 10 minutes apart, so for 10 minutes I get as much done as I need and then for one minute I hold on to the kitchen bench on my tipy toes and sway back and forth like a lunatic.
 I look quite ridiculous.
 I do try to sleep, but the contractions are now  quite uncomfortable so I get about 3 minutes sleep after one before another, it’s not ideal.  Aaron has quite a restful sleep, I hear him snoring from my gym ball in the lounge room …. There’s absolutely nothing on tv, so I watch  “what to expect when you’re expecting” .. hoping to lighten the mood, it didn’t …. Now I can watch it and giggle, but watching people over act contractions while you’re currently experiencing them …. Less humorous!

Aaron wakes up, at 8.00 we call the mum and dad and let them know they might need to have Erik for a sleep over tonight …. They are beyond ecstatic, it irritates me only slightly as I grit my teeth threw another contraction

We hold of calling the midwife for a bit, ( I still am convinced it will go away any minute and I’ll feel like a fool for altering the entire national guard )

But at 9.30 when I’m on all fours on the lounge room floor, mid contraction, begging Aaron to kill me, he relents and calls our midwife, Heather, student midwife Emily and my sister ( also midwife Sian) , They agree to meet us at the hospital at 10. .. fuck this might actually be happening, some ho in the last 39 weeks i hadn't really started thinking about the whole baby getting out of me bit  !

 Erik happily heads of with nanna and grandpa (  with whispered promises of donuts and hot chocolate)  and Aaron and I hop in the car and make the 30 minute drive to  Gawler hospital, we laugh, joke, take selfies and  3 pretty painful contractions later we are waddling into the hospital …  we meet our midwives, hugs all around and settle into the big birthing suit, it’s pretty casual, lots of comfy chairs, a birthing pool, bed, shower toilet etc and my favorited, gym ball …. I hop straight on it and barely move for the next few hours

Honestly the next few hours I kind of trance out, it’s so lovely to be surrounded by love laughter,  triple j playing in the back ground, I’m allowed to eat this time ( with Erik I wasn’t) amazing what difference a few bits of dry toast with vegemite can make when your trying to dislodge a human being from your body....but soon the fun games and laughter is over and its down to the nitty gritty of my body pushing me just past my pain threshold over and over again ...

( me eating toast ) 
part two coming soon ....


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