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I still remember the day my parents dropped me off at my grandma and grandpas ... they were on their way to the hospital to have my little sister. I was the same age as Erik is now !

I remember it all so clearly, I was wearing my best dress, with the frilly shoulders and my fancy white shoes, Mum and Dad even let me have a bottle of soft drink to take to Grandmas .... 2.5 yr old me thought it was the best day ever !!!  ... my favourite dress, and soft drink  WOW today was special !

So when grandma and grandpa took me to the hospital to see my baby sister being born the next day, I didn't have a care in the world, I sat and watched my sister being born and all I was interested in was how pretty I felt in my dress, my soft drink and chips ( a total treat back then). When grandpa showed me the baby ( seconds after being born) all I thought was " yuck .. she's all dirty" and went straight back to my chips haha.

This is the same kind of experience I want for my little family, for Erik to still feel special, included and needed at such an exciting time ! and he is needed, Aaron and I are already parents, grandpa and grandpa are already grandparents ... but Erik is going from an only child ( and the first grandchild) to now a BIG BROTHER ... and I think that's something worth celebrating !

So Aaron and I have put together a { BIG BROTHER KIT } for Erik ... its not so much a kit, more of a show bag that he will get when we take him up to my parents ( they are only 10 minutes from the hospital) Just some fun activities and new toys for him to enjoy whilst I am pushing his little sister out.

All up I think it might have cost me $20 from our local $2.00 store for all the activities and the bag, the t-shirt I ordered separately { HERE }

We have also got Erik his first ever Thomas the Tank engine toy, which we will take in my hospital bag and give to him when he visits us for the first time. Ideally I only want to be in hospital the one night but I know Erik will love spending time staying at his grandparents too, so I'm not stressed about him being taken care of :)

ok so the  BIG BROTHER KIT  includes ...

 new BIG BROTHER t-shirt to wear into hospital to meet his baby sister
a puzzle
some stickers
a new bouncy ball
some dinosaur toys
and a dinosaur book
build your own helicopter craft kit ... I think Grandpa and Erik will have fun doing this :)
also I threw in some lollies, Erik's not a big sweet tooth and will usually want strawberries instead of lollies, but what the heck :)

I was going to put in some new crayons and colouring books but there's already a whole heap at nanas so  not really necessary.

this is only a guide as to what we put in out BIG BROTHER KIT, it can really be as big or as small as you like, tailored to your individual Childs likes and dislikes. Go for it, have fun ... we certainly did ... and I can't wait to give Erik his { BIG BROTHER KIT } soon :)

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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