Wheres my glow ?


Yep … 2nd pregnancy, I thought this would all be different.

I convinced myself somehow, that my first pregnancy was so shitty because I let it be, I let my weight go crazy, I let work take over and I put everyone else before myself … and I told myself that was the reason I didn’t get the glow !!!

But this time, I was determined to get the glow …. I removed the stress, kept my weight under control and did everything I could to stay active …. And while I feel so much better this pregnancy I’m still missing the glow ???

Where’s my friggen pregnancy glow ….

I don’t have the glow …. I have acne, and sideburns!

Yep I look like pre-pubescent Chewbacca, thankyou hormones!

Aren’t hormones just  great :/ 

(if you can’t sense the sarcasm I’m not sure we can be friends)

I can thank hormones for the giant and painful blind pimples that dot my cheeks and jawline that no amount of miracle cream will fix because it’s “just Hormonal”

And thanks again hormones … for the stupid amount of baby hair my head seems to be sprouting, its everywhere, if I put my hair up in a bun I look like I’ve got a fuzzy little halo around my head that continues down my jaw …. It’s horrible, I feel very masculine with my sideburns!

But thank god there are no chin hairs this time …

Yes I have been checking, every morning!

No chin hairs … I remember the day I found my first chin hair when I was pregnant with Erik, I was at work and the optometrist was trialling me with a new type of contacts, they were amazing I could see everything, and after lunch while I was fixing my face in the lunch room mirror I went to brush a rather long black hair from the underside of my chin … it wouldn’t come off!

 “OH MY FUCKING GOD” I screamed at my refection

 “Its fucking attached!!!!”  pardon the French.

 After one quick tweezing session and a little cry I was ready to see the rest of my clients …. But I was forever changed; pregnancy is gross I decided then and there!

But the grossness doesn’t stop there ….

 This morning when I woke up, after a surprisingly good night sleep (only had to get up to pee 3 times … WINNING) and I ask hubby how he slept ?

“Yeah alright, took me ages to get to sleep though …. You wouldn’t stop snoring!” he reply’s groggily

This is the part where I shrink to bout 100th of the size, I’m absolutely mortified … I don’t snore? Do I? OMG I’m a snorer ?

 I’m a mountain troll!!!

“ it’s ok, its only when you’re pregnant babe”  he says to coaz me back out from my hiding spot under the covers !

Great so the last 8 months he’s suffered sleeping next to Shrek without saying anything … poor bloke ! I love him so much for the fact that he hasn’t said anything sooner though, he truly is a thoughtful bugger J  ( love you baby ) 

So basically I become a troll whilst creating another human being, and I’m ok with that now, I think?

Because it’s all worth it! Every gross life changing chin hair, peeing in front of your husband for the first time moment … it is totally worth it!

Pregnancy is gross, be prepared for that

Sometimes it’s not like the books say, sometimes morning sickness can last the whole 40 weeks, sometimes you can be so sweaty fat and uncomfortable your thighs threaten to run together so much they start a fire (I seriously thought they would one day) and sometimes you catch a glimpse of the mysterious “dark side of the moon” underside of your tummy only to realise there’s now a snail trail there. Horror.

Sometimes its ok to say … pregnancy sucks!

Because it can, but it’s important that in those moments we remember all the amazing positives of being pregnant and having the opportunity to create another little human being … an opportunity that sadly a lot of women will never be able to have.

So every day I try to focus on the good …. Not the heartburn or the pain or the swollen toes … but the  good, the kicks the feeling of the two of us as one or even the sweetness of Aaron giving  my swollen belly a kiss every night before bed !

And that’s why; everyday my instagram is flooded with bump pictures, because I want to remember the good. That every day I remember the miracle of what my body can do! and even thought at the time when I take the pictures I’m sweaty, usually grumpy and tired … when I look back at the pictures … I just see the glow!

And once my baby belly is gone, I’ll just have memories of my pregnancy and while I want those memories to be honest, hopefully the good will outweigh the bad … 

Where’s my glow ?
My glow is found when I start embracing the positive, appreciating the everyday miracles and enjoying the journey.
and if that fails ... Ill just pass off the hot flushes  as my glow haha " No I'm not sweating .... I'm glistening, if you must ask" 
xxx ( still chin hair free, for now :/ ) Free Range Mumma xxx



  1. Because you are growing and glowing from the inside .I see this. You see this in your son xxxxxxxx


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