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So what is a Baby Sprinkle I hear you ask, ... well let me tell you ..
 A baby sprinkle is a baby shower, but a mini version ... for your 2nd baby. The idea is not to Shower the new mum in gifts but to Sprinkle  instead.
Ok, so its not as common here in Australia as it is in places like the USA, but just because its new, doesn't mean its not a lot of fun ... and I am sure it will catch on soon,
I had such an amazing day, surrounded by good friends and close family, we ate, laughed and enjoyed celebrating "little Miss gates" it was perfect :)
Personally I had a lot, I mean A LOT of fun planning this Baby Sprinkle, as my mum and sister threw my baby shower for ERIK I didn't get to do much.
This time I got to do EVERYTHING and it was so much fun, from planning the menu, picking the decorations and printing the games .. so much fun.
and now its time to share it with you all ...
Photos Taken by my beautiful, talented all round amazing friend Lydia from
{ My beautiful friend Maddy is 18 Weeks pregnant with a little Girl due in November, we are so excited to be pregnant together again, our sons were only 1 month apart }
The Details ...
I tried to keep the catering simple and outsourced things where I needed it, we had a veggie dip plate and a spinach cob dip for starters
( thanks Nana and Aunty Helen ) delish !
Pizza for lunch ( thankyou Sian at Roaring 40s Café Angaston)
 and cake, cupcakes, brownies and cheesecake slice for desert ... I wanted to keep the desert the feature, so we kept everything else pretty simple.
When It came to games I decided to keep it pretty simple too ... we played three, a word scramble, the "Don't Say Baby" game and "tinkle in the pot" ... 
"tinkle in the Pot" ... so basically, you stick a balloon up your shirt front, a lemon between you knees and you have a race against another guest to waddle 5 meters and drop the lemon into a bucket at the end. The one who gets the lemon in the bucket first WINS !
it might not seem like much, but this game was hilarious, every one was in fits of laughter :)
you can down load the  FREE Word Scramble we used {here}
I also had each Guest fill out a "Wishes for Baby" reading these back after everyone left had me in tears, I cant wait to show her when she's old enough to appreciate the advice and wishes.
The decorations I borrowed, begged and not quite stole haha, the table clothes, centrepieces and candles were all left over from a friends wedding, and the hanging pink decorations were left over from another friends recent Hens night which they were just going to throw in the bin ... WINNING !
The pink pom poms and garlands can be purchased from NEDS Incase you are wondering.
the chalkboard bunting printable I got { HERE } simple, print, cut and admire :p


I Want to say a HUGE HUGE thankyou to every one of my amazing friends and family who made my Baby Sprinkle such a special day, I feel truly honoured to be surrounded by such amazing women, and so lucky that "Little Miss Gates" has such fantastic support and role models :)

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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