37 weeks ...

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: about 9-10 kgs I’m thinking, I don’t have scales at home so that’s just a guess haha, measuring a week small at the moment but nothing to worry about
Maternity clothes: yep not much fits at the moment, jeans shirts and trying to mix things up with accessories, ie statement necklaces and scarfs
Stretch marks ;  … a few teeny tiny ones have started to emerge this week L guess it was bound to happen eventually
Sleep:  actually not too bad I’ve got my pre bed routine down pat, hot shower, quick eze, vitamins and then a nice cosy sleep haha    
Best moment this week:  lunch out with Erik and my mum  on Monday, ( pictures on instagram) it was just a lovely day :)
Miss anything: being able to bend over easily, I keep forgetting about my tummy and I go to pick something off the floor … and I can’t! I just can’t !
Movement:  still lots of kicks and hiccups, even though she’s engaged dropped and ready to go she’s still pretty active !
Food cravings:  basically anything I don’t have to cook … it’s like morning sickness has kicked in again , one day I’m cooking up a storm in the kitchen, cooking everything in sight and then I can’t even stand the thought of cooking or food for a few days … Aaron is learning just to go with it !
Anything making you queasy or sick; not at the moment
Gender:   GIRL !!! …. TEAM PINK … !
Labour signs:  OMG sooo many Braxton hicks …. Ouch ouch ouch !
Symptoms:  baby kicksJ, reflux, back pain, Braxton hicks
Belly button in or out:  99% out
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: tired, very tired, the third trimester fatigue has  hit … but other than that still happy and enjoying it J I think because I know this is my last pregnancy its making me stay more positive towards this hard end of things, every moment feels bitter sweet, the closer I get to meeting my little girl the less time I have to be pregnant … for the last time!
Looking forward to:  Our Friend’s Wedding this Saturday, dressing my bump up in a formal dress and getting my hair done at the fancy salon Saturday morning … a bit of pamper time for this mummy to be J ( Erik is having a sleep over at nanas too Friday night, so tea out with hubs will be a nice …”last supper” ) 

{ me and my jar of chalk }
 yep ... still having these weird cravings !

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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