34 weeks ...

How far along: 34 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: 8 kgs total gains J I’m pretty proud of that actually, eating healthy and keeping active has really helped me this pregnancy !
Maternity clothes:  still living in my jeans west maternity jeans but I did buy a new large khaki jumper from billabong, which you will see me wearing in nearly every picture … because its so.god.dam.comfy !
Stretch marks;  … still only the one on my hip, but I can’t see the bottom of my tummy anymore so there’s probably a million hiding under there.

Sleep:    actually pretty good this week … when I’m not getting up to pee or take quickeze, I’m actually getting a half decent sleep!

Best moment this week:  Mummy's day out, Erik had a day out with Nan and Pop and I got to just hang out, it was lovely …. Coffee, lunch, haircut and shopping … was so nice to get out and about and actually be able to go into shops that previously I have just window shopped! It was a bit weird not having him at home with me … but it was bliss being out by myself haha.

Miss anything: shaving my legs without feeling like a bloated whale, missionary position … its just not possible anymore haha TMI

Movement:  lots

Food cravings:  and this is where it starts to get weird …. I am currently craving, dirt, cement, grout, paint and ice cubes …. Still … it’s not getting better, but it’s not getting worse and so far I haven’t caved in to them *PROUD*

Anything making you queasy or sick;  not at the moment

Gender:   GIRL !!! …. TEAM PINK … ! pink pink pink … so much pink ( nursery reveal coming soon )

Labour signs:  lots of Braxton hicks, some of them are pretty intense … and I found out at my appointment this week I’m already 4/5ths engaged, which explains a lot of the lower abdominal pain I’ve been having . Even though it’s painful (as in being stabbed, painful) I know it’s a good sign that hopefully labour will be easier, finger crossed!

Symptoms:  baby kicksJ, reflux, back pain

Belly button in or out:  disappeared completely now L

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, exhausted and in pain … but feeling pretty darn content and happy!

Looking forward to: cuddling my baby girl for the first time!

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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