31 weeks ....

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{ 31 Weeks }
How far along: 31 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: yep too scared to step on the scales :/
Maternity clothes:  still living in my jeans west maternity jeans, but mixing it up with some loose shirts from big w Avella range, and cardigans from emerson.
Stretch marks ;  … still only the one on my hip, but I cant see the bottom of my tummy anymore so there’s probably a million hiding under there.
Sleep:    still pretty broken, can only sleep on my right side with one leg propped up, it gets uncomfortable but if I try to lie any other way she pretty much crushes all my insides so I can’t breathe … not helpful!
Also Erik has been unwell with a temperature and a rash for the last few days, and even though he’s on antibiotics and getting better, he obviously thinks he will get better much faster if he’s allowed to sleep in our bed …. He’s gotten very good at sneaking on to out bed about 1;30 and falling asleep at our feet, usually we don’t realise he’s there until one of us accidently kicks him…  and then after 2-3 attempts to get him back to sleep its nearly time for Aaron to get up to go to work anyway …
So we are all pretty exhausted at the moment!
Best moment this week:  getting the all clear after my glucose tolerance test … no gestational diabetes for me J and celebrating mother’s day with my amazing little family.
Miss anything: sleeping on my tummy … being able to take cold and flu medicine … I’m currently pretty sick and panadol just isn’t cutting it atm !
Also just general stuff like being able to quickly bend over and pick up stuff off the floor, or reach the bottom cupboards … or just get up off the floor without looking like a turtle stuck on its back !
But before I know it my big fat belly will be gone, and I’ll stand in the mirror and poke out my tummy missing it.
Movement:  lots !
Food cravings:  and this is where it starts to get weird …. I am currently craving, dirt, cement, grout, paint and ice cubes …. Crazy right! I had the same craving when I was pregnant with erik, so I know for a fact nothing I try to substitute will curb the craving L some people have suggested I need more vitamins and minerals in my diet, I’m already on iron, calcium, vitamin D and a woman’s multi ! Crunching my way through cups of ice cubes everyday seems to be the only way to keep these craving at bay … but just like before, I’ll make it threw!
Anything making you queasy or sick;  not at the moment
Gender  beautiful baby girl !
Labour signs:  none
Symptoms:  baby kicksJ, reflux, back pain
Belly button in or out:  nearly all gone …
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: happy, slightly over emotional … crying at mother’s day cards etc but otherwise fine. A little boy was having a blood test done when I was waiting for my GTT test … I think I cried more than he did hearing him upset!
Looking forward to:  My baby sprinkle in June and going camping with my little family next weekend … marshmallows, bon fires and cool autumn nights … bliss !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. Your words, feelings , experiences are just soooooo beautiful to read. It so feels like me. So grateful blessed to have my daughter you Shona xxxx


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