What I should have written 21 weeks ago .... My Pregnancy Diary !

Pregnancy diary ….
Week 6 
So …. I’m pregnant , I think … well I know, but I don’t have a definite confirmation yet …. It’s complicated!
Basically it’s the same as last time … I knew I was pregnant a few days after conception but it took 6 weeks to get a positive test L .
 Its bloody frustrating but that’s just what my body does.  I was defiantly late, and then the extreme fatigue hit, along with the tender breasts … Then finally after 6 weeks of constant tests and heartbreak I finally got the positive I needed !
So I’m at 6 weeks now, I haven’t done a test in over a week … and I’m going to do one on Thursday!
Hopefully the missed period, tender boobs and extreme fatigue are symptoms of my pregnancy …. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if it turns out I’m not pregnant, even in the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten use to the idea of having a another little bub growing inside me ….
But I’m just going to have to keep positive at the moment!
But, keeping positive is hard …. Actually doing anything is hard, because I am just so tired ….. Sleep all night, wake up … awake for 20 minutes... Tired again …. Need a nap!
It’s ridiculous, I am just so beyond tired I just keep falling asleep everywhere…. On the lounge, on Erik’s bed/floor, in the car parked in the driveway, on mums couch …. And even in the chair at the hairdressers (my hairdresser are totally cool about it  )
But it’s getting stupid … I am just so tired, I fall face first onto my bed the minute Erik’s down for a nap … and then instantly squeal and flip onto my back to relieve my throbbing breasts … I forgot how much they hurt !
Actually I forgot a lot about my first pregnancy …. I forgot all the crappy first trimester symptoms L and there’s not even a cute little baby bump yet to make the fatigue, sore boobs and peeing every minute worth it yet !
Not to mention the bloating,
 This happened last time too … and like everything else I forgot about it ….
Forgot about the fact that the minute I get pregnant I bloat, like serious bloating, !
So yes, last time I was in maternity clothes long before most women are ( I think 50% bloating 50%eagerness hehe ) but this time I was hoping to stay in my “normal” clothes as long as possible, utilising the clothes I have with a few classic maternity items … but here I am at 6 weeks, pulling out the loose maternity tops to cover my bloated tummy and swelling breasts.
This is not going like I planned …. But I have to remind myself to suck it up … smile …. Enjoy every moment …. Appreciate the miracle …. Because this is my last chance, and most women would kill for this chance!
So I’m doing this, a pregnancy diary via my blog …. To help me remember and appreciate all the small things!
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. My beautiful baby's ba b y storytelling xxxx Grandpa's girl xxx


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