Re-Defining Luxury ....

Luxury …
Define luxury,
what is luxury to you …?
If you had asked me 10 years ago my answer probably would have gone something like this … a mansion in the city , limousine, diamonds, rich husband a closet full of Louis Vuitton and Chanel , parties every night and shopping every day … yes I was a very narrow minded 12 year old !
Luxury to me back then meant an abundance of diamonds, champagne and expensive clothes … but I’m proud to say my idea of luxury has changed …
Luxury to me now is more about time, appreciation and quality over quantity
Whilst 12 year old me would have considered a walk in closet full of designer shoes the ultimate luxury … 22 year old me would be very happy with one pair of designer shoes … in fact that my goal, to get rid of my 6 pair of black heels to make way for one quality, well-made classic pair of Christian Loubiton black heels.
But shoe metaphors aside … what is luxury to me now …? 
Luxury is … hopping in to bed with fresh white sheets and fluffy pillows,
 luxury is owning one nice perfume that makes you feel extra beautiful when you wear it, that makes you stand taller, smile more J
 luxury is being able to lie on the grass in the April sunshine and sip good wine,
 luxury is having the time to enjoy the wine and not just drink it.
Luxury is the perfect hot chocolate on a cold winter’s morning,
luxury is sneaking a Tim tam without your toddler seeing it
Luxury is having shiny healthy hair vs having the latest colour, cut or length!
Luxury,  is knowing your own style, choosing “timeless” pieces over “so hot right now” pieces
Luxury, is having fresh flowers in your home J
Luxury is good food, homemade with love and laughter.
Luxury , is opening your wardrobe and knowing you will look good in your clothes !
Luxury , is the Burberry scarf you wear with your $9.00 kmart jeans … no one will know shh!
Luxury is buying good nail polish … nothing says “ I’ve got my shit together”  more, than perfectly painted nails J   
Luxury is time, time to appreciate what you have, time to appreciate the things you work hard for and the things you want …. Luxury is quality over quantity.
This was actually quite a big realization for me this week, that less is more …
And that by having less I can actually invest in “more” of what I really want …. By saving my penny’s and not buying a hundred useless items I can actually work hard and get one classic item that will last  a life time … this is a new way of thinking for me. Growing up I was such a tight arse about money even from a young age, I would go to the shops with mum and  given the choice between a $4.00 pair of shoes and a nice $10.00 pair … I would always pick the $4.00 shoes “ because I could get two !!”
Never mind the fact the $4.00 shoes would last about ten minutes  … I always chose having more over having better …. Now at 20 something … I’m finally learning to change my thinking.
It’s been a big week of “Aha!” Moments at our place … we’ve really begun to understand what we want from our little life … to teach our kids the value of “quality over Quantity” and “less is more”.
To teach them the value of a dollar, and to get their priorities right from a young age, to value experiences over things …
But before I can teach my kids about “less is more” I have to really strive to live it and understand it myself!
  I take a big deep breath, as I begin to re-evaluate my life :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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