25 weeks .... Autum Maternity


How far along: 25 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements:  still only 300 grams J I know I’m shocked too … my tummy’s so massive, but the scales aren’t moving ( and no my scales are not broken !) not trying to lose weight, but I am eating pretty healthy and doing lots of yoga to keep active … not to mention chasing after Erik all day long is certainly keeping the heart rate up !
Baby girl is growing perfectly !
Maternity clothes:  black jeans west maternity jeans, striped maternity tank Bub2B from Kmart, blush cardigan from cotton on … like 5 years ago and jewellery from ebay lol
Stretch marks ;  … kosmea, rose hip oil on my current stretchmark areas ( this stuff is GOLD) but as my tummy gets bigger but OLD stretchmarks from my first pregnancy are kind of filling out, and looking less horrible J so that’s nice to not have a wrinkly belly.
Sleep:    not great unless I’m using about 8 pillows to get comfortable: / … don’t fall asleep till about 3 am, and then Erik’s up at 6;30-7;00 …. Operating in zombie mode most days this week.
Best moment this week:  a very very relaxing day down the river with friends, was so nice to just switch off and relax by the bonfire J
Miss anything: red wine … sleeping on my tummy … sleep in general L
Movement: she’s still pretty hyperactive and will now kick my arm of my tummy if she doesn’t like me leaning on her and She’s especially jumpy when Erik is laughing or crying … sibling bond already !
Food cravings:  soft cheese, red wine and metwhurst ….
Anything making you queasy or sick; nope
Gender:   GIRL !!! …. TEAM PINK … !
Labour signs:  none
Symptoms:  baby kicks J, reflux, back pain
Belly button in or out:  in, but it’s on its way out …
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: happy but tired … excited about a lot of potential with my business and kind of frustrated that my bodies not in a position to take on more work at the moment. I love being pregnant, but I am missing the mobile aspect of my business … so I am kind of looking forward to getting my body back and being able to perform the more physical aspects of my job !
Looking forward to:  celebrating my business 6 month birthday this week and sending my baby sprinkle invites to family and friends .
xxx Zombie Free Range Mumma xxx


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