Wedding Survival Kit .... { Brides to be }

So ... my amazing best friend Beck is getting married on Saturday ... and finally after years of excitement, I have the honour of being a part of her special day :)
Yay ... I'm so excited ... probably even more excited than my own wedding day !
but I'm still me ( OCD and ridiculously organised )  ... so that means in the lead up to any big event, I surround myself with lists, prep work and organisation.
Since this time, I only have to think about me, ( not organising and running and entire wedding and bridal party ) I have been able to put some real thought into what I might need, to make the day run as smoothly as possible ...
My mum use to always say, " if you don't take a jumper with you, you will need it, and if you take it,  you wont need it " or something like that...
Or maybe its the years of being a scout " always be prepared" ... I don't know, but I like to think , that its always easier to be over prepared than under prepared.
so here's what I have organised for becks big day ...
Because this time I am a bridesmaid, I am taking two bags and a clutch (for phone, purse, keys) ... please feel free to adjust the following lists as necessary to accommodate you own needs.
This list is quite extensive, as it is meant to include the entire day, from getting ready to falling into bed :)
Large Bag
change of clothes
thongs ( or comfortable shoes)
light jacket or cardigan
some light snacks ( protein bars)
energy drinks
water bottle
phone and camera charger
face wipes { Kosmea  }wipes are amazing
body spray or perfume
mini sewing kit
and anything you may need to wear for the wedding, such as shoes, jewellery, underwear, dress etc 
Then, inside the big bag I have a smaller grab clutch ( silver)
this is the real "survival" stuff
Small Bag
nail file
small change
lip gloss
bobby pins and hair ties
safety pins
tissues ( travel pack)
body spray
Hollywood tape ( double sided fashion tape )
band aids
panadol or asprin
voltaren or  aches and pain relief
quickeze ... or reflux relief.
not pictured ...
face blotting wipes ( oil removing papers )
face powder
travel hair brush
mini hairspray
mini scissors


Do you think I'm crazy yet ..?
Yes this is a bit over prepared, a bit obsessive, a bit super duper crazy organised ... and I probably wont have to use any of it ... but I would rather have it there just in case .
Obviously you can make you own much simpler version for your own big day ... but I hope this has at least helped some other bridesmaids and brides to be, be a little less stressed for their big day :)

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xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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