Chapter 3 ....



"It’s not fair that you got those beautiful green eyes  ... And I got landed with these boring brown ones" said Kate as she looked miserably at her sisters beautiful reflection in the mirror


Alexandra stopped admiring her hair for a moment and turned to face her sister, she raised her eye brow warningly as she saw Kate's breasts looked likely to escape from her tiny bodice any second


 “Excuse me" Alexandra said motioning to Kate's chest


“you, my dear, seemed to have taken enough breasts for both of us, so I shall keep my Green eyes as Compensation"


James who was seated in the corner amusing himself by watching the two women bicker, chuckled “god must truly love me, to have given me a wife with such bountiful breasts",


 Kate turned to her handsome husband and gave her body a little shake for his benefit, sending her lush breasts into motion....  In turn he gave her a smouldering stare, to which she responded by giggling and blowing him a delicate kiss before turning back to the glass ....


Kate  had saved this dress especially for tonight ,  it was  made of dark green emerald satin, and even though it was modest in design , only a few ruffles on the sleeves, it was the delicate sprays of gold flowers that adorned her skirts and bodice, that turned it from a simple dress, to a gown ! ... She looked down to her bodice, and yes, her ample bosom did seem to appear as though they might spill out of her dress at any moment... perfect!


 Kate plan however was to have them spill out into her husband’s hands.... she smiled to herself, there was nothing quite like meeting her husband on the dance floor, only to see his gaze drop to her chest ... and his eyes darken in response ... she had discovered .. She quite enjoyed playing the Wanton little Tart on occasion!


Alexandra Rolled her eyes as her sisters display and went back to marvelling at her reflection...

 She didn't look quite how she would have liked ... for her first impression on the ton but  young ladies were  to dress  like neat, little virgins.


Whereas Alexandra, even though she had no direct experience, knew an awful lot more about romance than most women and it made her  want  to look like a ravishing princess.


 A princess who would have all the gentlemen at her feet... Or maybe on their knees...


James got drunk one Easter and told her about all types of forbidden things and man could do to a woman when he was on his knees ... he hadn't given her exact details, but she had gotten the gist of it ...... the thought of it made her blush under her face paint ....


Stupid boring dress !


The saving grace was her hair , it was magnificent ... Bridgette had spent hours, powdering it , curling and crimping until it was a perfect tower of curls and loops above her head ....


 Kate had even instructed Bridgette to place small shimmering emeralds in Alexandra’s curls; so that when she turned her hair glimmered and sparkled ... it was hard not to feel slightly beautiful when one had emeralds in one’s hair....


Alexandra Sighed at her reflection, her hair and face was magnificent, but her simple white dress could only be described as boring, the high bodice covered nearly all her breasts and there was no chance of her ankles showing due to the long flowing skirts.... she sighed again, and tuned to her sister and brother in law who were now whispering to each other in the corner of her room...


She coughed rather indelicately, to get their attention....  Then placing her hands on her hips said dramatically “well, this is as good as it’s going to get ...!”,


  “You look beautiful darling; you'll have a man on his knees before you know it!" Kate exclaimed innocently clasping her hands together proudly...


Alexandra felt the heat rise in her cheeks … on his knees..? Could her sister read minds??


James knew his wife’s comment had been about a man proposing on his knees, but a sneaking suspicious told him the blush creeping up lexis cheeks meant she had other ideas about what a man on his knees could do , something tugged at his memory, Easter maybe? 

He truly had corrupted her, with his tales and jokes ... he chuckled to himself and gave her a knowing smile!


 “Busted!” Alexandra realised as she saw James little smile. Understanding fully that he knew what she had been thinking about, she was mortified, but she just shrugged casually at him instead and turned to her sister as if he hadn’t just caught her thinking about properly debauched things!

“Always the actor”, James thought


Maybe Kate was right? ... He would defiantly have to keep his eye on her,


After all his stories, she defiantly would have a much better understanding of desire than most young ladies of the ton!


"Come on, Lexi ! " Kate said taking her sister arm.. “let’s go find you a fabulously rich Duke"


The two women laughed all the way down the stairs and out into the carriage, with an amused duke trailing after them ...


It’s going to be a long night! ... He decided as he stepped into the waiting carriage.
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  1. Intriguing , saucey , you've inherited this from my Mother. Nanna RAndall read romance every spare minute she had my darling xxxx


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