19 weeks ....

{ 19 Weeks }
How far along: 19 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: not sure about measurements, but I finally weighed myself this week at mums place …. And have only put on 0.3 kg since my ten week check-up …. My doctor was really happy with this J
Maternity clothes:  my jeans west maternity jeans, of course … teamed with different maternity and non-maternity shirts J  
Stretch marks ;  none yet, but starting to moisturise just in case … using dove silk as my all over body moisturiser, and using a bit of kosmea, rose hip oil on my current stretchmark areas ( this stuff is GOLD)
Sleep:   pretty good, even though I’ve been up with Erik most night … he keeps wetting the bed even though he’s in nappies :/
Best moment this week:  getting hit on and my bum grabbed,  during a night out on the town for my best friend hens night …. Apparently I don’t look pregnant from the back hahaha
Miss anything: red wine … still !
Movement: lots and lots, now everyone else can feel the kicks too, hubby, my mum and best friend have now felt bubs sharp kicks J   
Food cravings:  soft cheese, red wine and metwhurst ….
Anything making you queasy or sick; nope
Gender:  unknown … less than a week till we find out …
Labour signs:  none
Symptoms:  baby kicks J
Belly button in or out:  in, but it’s kind of a sad little line surrounded by stretchmarks now anyway l
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: very very happy, feeling so content and blessed ! feeling so relieved to have been accepted into the one on one midwife program at my hospital, this means I have the same midwife for the remaining 20 weeks and she will be at the birth J
Looking forward to:  finding out if Erik has a little brother or a sister!  … ever though Im already 99% sure it’s a little boy J


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