16 weeks ....

16 weeks

How far along : 16 weeks, nearly 17
Total weight gain/measurements: … don’t know :?
Maternity clothes:  still about 35deg plus most days, so living in maxi dresses. I’ve also borrowed a few bags of summer maternity clothes from my friend; you’ll probably see most of them on the blog over the next few months J
Stretch marks ;  none yet, but starting to moisturise just in case
Sleep:   virtually none existent, pillow between my legs, under my back etc etc  … not really helping, but if I can get a few hours a night, it’s better than nothing.
Best moment this week:  Erik feeling the baby kick, his face was so surprised then he laughed and ran away, he has also been helping set up “baby baby’s” room.
Miss anything : metwhurst L ….
Movement:  oh yeh …. Lots of wriggles and kicks, can’t feel it on the outside yet, but lots and lots of movement on the inside, makes me so happy.
Food cravings:  salty stuff today, feeling like pretzels, chips salsa etc …. Food shopping tonight so I might go a little crazy in the chip isle!
Anything making you queasy or sick; not atm
Gender:  unknown … 4 weeks till we find out …
Labour signs:  none
Symptoms:  fatigue, sore boobs, baby movements, sore lower back
Belly button in or out:  in, but it’s kind of a sad little line now anyway lol
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: so much happier now morning sickness has passed J
Looking forward to:  finding out if Erik has a little brother or a sister ! I've set up as much of the nursery as possible, but I'm still looking for a feeding chair and I cant really do much more until we find out what we are having !
of course Erik absolutely loves helping.

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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