15 weeks ...

In case you missed the memo on my face book page .... the reason I've been a bit MIA lately ... is I've been busy throwing my guts up for the last 15 ish weeks ...

yep ... IM PREGNANT !

baby gates version 2.0 is due mid July, and I am so so excited to share this journey with you all ... I am sorry for not blogging sooner, but honestly if I got a free hour during the day , I was sleeping instead of blogging ... sorry, not sorry, I needed the extra sleep ... BAD !

How far along : 15 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: … too scared to measure and my scales are broken :/

Maternity clothes:  it’s all about maxi dresses this week as the temperature in SA soars to 46 deg ….. and my new maternity swimsuit, which I have been wearing to the pool with Erik. It was time for  new bathers, so I thought I may as well go and get the maternity straight away and get the most use out of them … They were on sale for 14.00 from BIG W …. And I tell you what, I’ve never felt sexier in a swim suit … ever! Seriously … I am rocking these bathers!

Stretch marks ;  none new that I can tell, although the doctor did say at my last appointment, that my stretchmarks from Erik were the worst he’s ever seen L

Sleep:  fairly well considering the heat, although I have noticed im sleeping in exactly the same position as when I was pregnant with Erik, and I can’t sleep on my back anymore, bubs is already putting pressure on my back.

Best moment this week:  meeting my doctor … hes amazing!  Listened to everything, answered every question and just put my mind totally at ease … he even addressed issues from my pregnancy with Erik that no one had even brought up before … feeling much more confident and focused going into this pregnancy !

Miss anything : sleeping on my tummy , I’m a tummy sleeper normally but I can do it anymore, it’s like laying on a football … not comfy at all L  

Movement:  not yet … soon I hope

Food cravings:  butter pop corn, as I type this it’s all I can think about … I’ve yet to give in ( super proud)

Anything making you queasy or sick; for the first 13 weeks, pretty much everything made me vomit, from the smell of meat cooking, to opening the fridge and even one of Aarons farts had me heaving in the kitchen sink ! …. Vomit free for 2 weeks … fingers crossed I’m over the worst of it!

Gender:  unknown … 5 weeks till we find out … not that im counting down or anything

Labour signs:  none

Symptoms:  oh where do I start …. Back aches, ligament pain, sore tummy, sore hips, fatigue, bad acne etc etc etc  …. According to my doctor I’ll have no problems during my pregnancy apart from a lot, A LOT .. of physical pain, which of course there’s not much you can do about … Trying to stay active, prenatal yoga, swimming and seeing the physio weekly will help , but unfortunately I’m in for a long and painful 26 weeks .

Belly button in or out:  in, but it’s kind of a sad little line now anyway lol

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: so much happier now morning sickness has passed J a little emotional, crying at the drop of a hat, but so far all the people I’ve ended up sobbing in front of have understood :P

Looking forward to:  my pre natal exercise class which starts at the gym next week  … and the temperature finally dropping below 40 deg … that would be nice
and my  beautiful friends engagement ... here are some happy snaps
Juanita and I , the Beautiful  { Bride to Be }
Aaron sampling a glass of Moscato for me, obviously I wasn't drinking :)
Aaron and his crazy lads, most of which we have known since school :)
 PS; I promise to never let there be such a long lapse between blogs again, but all my readers are so amazing I just new you would all understand :)
XXX Free Range Mumma XXX
Big Kisses Mwa !


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