Eriks 2nd Birthday ... { Pirate Party }



Erik's 2nd Birthday ... { Pirate Party }

On Friday our (not-so little any more) little man turned two.
We celebrated with friends and family on Saturday morning, with a pirate themed morning tea .... and here are some happy snaps of the day !
When I gather enough emotional strength, I'll post about the rollercoaster turning two has been ... for both Erik and myself :)
 But not today, today its about amazing cake, stripes and pirate themed, sugar filled goodies ... enjoy
Oh ... and for all of those who will ask the cake is by my amazing friend { Baking Mad }
and yes ... it tasted as amazing as it looks !
This amazing fruit Pirate ship was made by my dedicated mum  .... complete with portholes, mast and sales .... The kids went crazy over it. We put it down at there level and they devoured it within minutes :)
Thanks Mum x

  Orange slice boats on blue jelly ... these were a hit ! messy and fun :) ..... This is what happens when your Mum gets pinterest hahaha

Drinks Station


 xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. Wow! What an impressive party! Love the watermelon ship!

  2. What a great arrrrhhh day from start yo finish wish pint rest was around 20 years ago love it love it so nice to have a little boy in our world and bonus warm weather parties cxxxooo


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