Oh Christmas Tree ....

44 days till Christmas ... the countdown begins!
Do you remember that feeling as a kid, when you walk into a department store and there are the rows and rows of Christmas stuff :)
Isles upon isles of Christmas tinsel, chocolate and decorations ... overhead you can hear the department store Christmas music ... that's heaven to me.... And every year, no matter how old I get …I still love that feeling!
Growing up , we would always take a trip into the city to visit the Magic Cave at David Jones, to sit on Santa’s lap and ride on nipper and nimble, and while that was amazing … my favourite part of the trip was the department store Christmas trees. Flawlessly decorated and colour coordinated, glittering and shining in every corner of the store.  That was my dream … that one day when I was grown up … I would have a beautiful matching Christmas tree in my own house!
Years later, I have that … and I am secretly so proud of it!
Its Christmas time!
we aren’t one of the put the tree up Christmas eve type of families, we are the put it up 2 months before ( on the day of the Christmas pageant) and let the anticipation and excitement build every day, kind of family … and I love it J
let the countdown begin ….
When do you put up your Christmas tree …. ?
Do you do a traditional, a modern or a mix of both …..? ?
This is how Erik reacts when he gets told of for touching the decorations .... sooking on the floor :(
he'll get over it !

Merry Christmas !
xx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. So wonderful to hear your happiness for thereupon upon us even though it's also hectic and frantic this time of year love you always mum. Xxxx :-):-):-) yorkshires pavalova Randall traditions Xxxx


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