My Chevron Obsession ....

Hello, My names Shona .... and I'm addicted to Chevron !
Yellow Chevron in particular...
But you already knew that, in case it wasn't totally obvious !
something about yellow chevron just makes me happy :)
so I was positively jumping up and down with excitement when my yellow Chevron Pillow Cases Arrived from the states ( I know, I prefer local too .... but I searched high and low and just couldn't find it here in AUS )
Motion52. came threw with the goods .. Yeah,  they took a few weeks to get here but it was well worth the wait !
 I love the pillows and they add so much colour and happiness to the rooms !
Click Here to see more amazing pillow designs from MOTION 52...
PS; how cute was this little thankyou tag, it matched my Christmas tree theme so I figured "Why not!" and I hung it on the tree !
 x Merry Christmas x


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