Every Mums Worst Nightmare … {No More Nap Time}

Every Mums Worst Nightmare … {No More Nap Time}


So you may have noticed a lack of blog posts happening around these parts lately ….. Well some of it is to do with the new business which is sapping most of my spare time... And then there’s reason number 2 …. Erik has given up his nap times ….

I know … I’m devastated!

The first few days, I battled …. Determined that it’s just a faze, hell sleep later/tomorrow/the day after that.

Because he can’t give up his nap time? … not yet!

 … I’m not ready … I love nap time!

But after a week of no nap’s … destroyed rooms and me locking myself in the bathroom every afternoon to cry for 10 minutes …. I gave up … he’s not having naps anymore …..

At 23 months old … my little munchkin has given up their day time nap …. And there’s 3 hours of each day I’m not going to have to myself. ( BTW I now realise just how lucky I was to be getting 3 hours of free time )

No more cleaning, midday yoga, blogging, reading other blogs, dinner prepping etc ….. Its full time mummy duty all the time… it’s exhausting!

I’m not ready for this …. He needs nap time … no … I NEED NAP TIME!


Wait a minute I can’t hear anything from his room ….. I’m going to go check ….



Omg , you would not believe it … he’s asleep

The cheeky little bugger is fast asleep in his new play tent  having a nap, as I write this post !

After all that, the frustration, tears, destroyed rooms … it was just a faze (hopefully) …

I know the day will come soon when he gives up his nap completely, I’m dreading it … but after this week I’m feeling a bit more prepared for it at least. I have some ideas for quiet time activities and I know how to shuffle my cleaning schedule around him …. So whilst I’m dreading the day naps cease to exist, I now know just how thankful I am every day for Erik’s 3 hour nap!!

I’m not sure how long this will last so I’m going to go do some yoga J




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