Dream Wedding On a Budget .... { Part 3 }


Suits ...

When it came to the boys, we went to all the big stores for hiring suits, Ferrari, jenny and Gerry’s, etc …. And I nearly fainted every time they gave me a price, they were looking for $150-$250 per suit to hire them for the day … I kept thinking “We may as well bye them if we are paying that much for one day ! “… so we decided to think outside the box.
We went to our local Ed Harry and tried some of the pants and shirts on there!
Once we abandoned the traditional idea of hiring wedding suits we instead found the perfect solution for us J
Being married in the November heat, we actually decided against suit jackets and went for waist coats instead !. Not only would the boys be uncomfortably warm in them but the jackets are usually the most expensive part of the suit, and for what … you wear them for the ceremony and them every one takes them off because they are bloody uncomfortable and stiff !
In the end it cost us $135.00 per suit ( pants, shirt, waistcoat and tie ) each groomsmen paid for their own suit as a wedding gift, and I know for a fact they have all worn them again and again for different events. Aaron has worn his about 5 times, so it has defiantly paid for itself.
For the shoes, we just brought simple black dress shoes from spend less, and to finish it off, each groomsmen worn their own dress belt!
I think they looked great, and I know they felt great….. Because they were comfortable!
Think outside the box!
Girls ….
I knew from the moment I picked up my first bridal magazine (aged 3 and a half) that I never every wanted one of those full on bridesmaid dress, you know the stock standard strapless, shimmery satin fabric in a gaudy pink or purple, 90s prom dress. Yuck! I knew I defiantly wanted something that didn’t look like a bridesmaids dress …
My sister and I spent days trying on dresses in normal stores (never even entered a bridal store), but I couldn’t seem to find anything that suited my “not a bridesmaid dress” style and would also flatter the three very different body shapes of my bridesmaids!
We were shopping at TTP, my first time shopping post baby and breastfeeding and somehow in-between nappy changes and stopping to feed every 3 shops, we managed to find the perfect dress.
It was in a small boutique called LUXE fashions (I’m not sure whether it’s still there or not) and it was only $70.00 bargain !
A strapless empire dress, in my favourite colour…. It was perfect!
The type of dress the girls would look stunning in but would also look amazing in going to a family bbq ! it would be wedding formal or casual … and till this day I am still kicking myself I didn’t grab one for myself too L
The girls loved them and the suited each body shape, thin, curvy, short, tall! It looked great!
They had to be adjusted slightly as most dresses do … my advice, see if you can find a family member or friend who’s handy with a sewing machine! You will save yourself heaps!  (My mum altered the girls dresses)
The girls shoes were from Spend less, only one of my bridesmaids was use to wearing heels, so we decided to get a kitten heel for all the girls, they were cute and practical and didn’t break the bank … trust me, the last thing people are staring at is the bridesmaids feet … but having said that make sure the girls at least have a pedicure, nothing will draw people’s attention quicker than scraggy toenails and chipped polish!
If you do insist on sky high heels for your attendants, at least grab a pair of flip flops or flats for them at the reception, they will thank you for it! Also suggest your girls wear their shoes in a bit before the big day, even wearing them around the house for a few hours will “ Bed” them in a bit and hopefully you’ll avoid any nasty blisters on the day.
We brought the girls jewellery from diva (earrings and Bracelet) cheap and glittery … I love it !
Once again you have to think outside the box, just because it’s a wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to buy everything from a bridal shop!

My Wedding Dress ....

Ok … so the main thing to be aware of when buying your wedding dress is “ HIDDEN COSTS “
No matter whether you are buying a $300.00 dress or a $3000.00 dress …  there's a few questions you should ask your designer/ fitter as soon as you find a dress you like …. The hidden costs as are the killer!  
1 year before my wedding I put a deposit down on my $650.00 dream dress  
6 months later…..“Oh you want that dress with a train …. That’s and extra $250”
2 months after that …..“You’ll need a hoop too …. That’s $100.00 to hire!”
 4 weeks before the wedding …..And my dress is 4 sizes too big, and with the wrong colour beading “Alteration will be about $150.00 ...And steaming of the gown $80.00”
( I refused to pay for this as my wedding dress arrived with clear beads instead of pink ….. I was furious, but there was no time to change it)  
And you can see how my $650.00 wedding dress quickly blew out to over $1000.00
Now I know it doesn’t seem like much extra, but when you’re running a strict budget and these expenses keep popping up it can really stress you out …. Especially when you just want to scream at the perky bitch behind the counter “WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME THIS WHEN I ORDERED IT !!!!”
So, When you find that dream dress, you need to give the shop girl your best serious bridezilla stare … and get a few things straight, before you even think about dropping a dime on it!
·         Is the price on the tag for the dress “as displayed “including a train/without a train?
·         How much do you charge for alterations?
·         How much is steaming for the dress
·         If the dress requires a hoop, how much is it to hire/buy!
·         What will be done if we receive the dress and it’s not what we ordered!
·         How much is the total!
·         How much of a deposit do you need?
·         When will the dress be ready for a fitting?
·         When will I be able to collect it!
Just a note as well … some bridal shops will charge you up to $15.00 a day to “store” your dress once it is ready for collection … check this with the store to make sure you are available to collect it asap!
It seems to me most wedding dress stores, count on you getting totally caught up in the excitement of buying a wedding dress and forgetting how to think properly, that way they can sneak in all these extra charges later in the piece !
Don’t rush in! Take your time, make sure you love it, and make sure you ask all the questions till you’re comfortable with the service!
Also if you are looking to buy a cheap dress, there are literally thousands’ of second hand dresses online, most of them never worn, or by women who brought one and then decided they didn’t like it and brought another …. Have a look; you never know your dream dress might be sitting there on gumtree for $200.00 J good luck .
Oh and whatever you do …. Never buy a dress from Princess Collections on Main North Road ! Worst Customer service I have EVER experienced!
Want more hot tips on saving money .....?
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. So loved the wedding dress try on day we had in town ( dresses worth thousands just for the heck ) you should try on any that you want to see yourself in because you never know what you'll fall in love with remember that day xxxxxx i do xxxxxx it was probably what i wish i had done a tiny bit xxxx

  2. So loved the wedding dress try on day we had in town ( dresses worth thousands just for the heck ) you should try on any that you want to see yourself in because you never know what you'll fall in love with remember that day xxxxxx i do xxxxxx it was probably what i wish i had done a tiny bit xxxx

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