The List...

The List ….

Inspired by this girl {LMM}
Late night blogloving x


Making : adorable little bunting flags

 Cooking : sweet potato and zuchinni “clean” patties

 Drinking : Hot Chocolate

 Reading : Barossa Living Magazine

 Wanting :   my car to stay clean for more than two days after Ive washed it

Looking :  for  Yellow Chevron Pillow cases … that don’t cost the earth !

 Playing:   Erik: with blocks, sticks, the water hose, ME ;  my new camera J

Wasting:  time … on pinterest. Duh !

 Sewing:  … HAHA , I commission my  Sewing projects !

 Wishing:  Erik got more quality time with his Aunts and Uncles

Enjoying:  My little boys cuddles, sloppy kisses and beaming smiles …  oh and watermelon, oh boy am I enjoying watermelon !

Waiting: for that Positive Pregnancy test L

 Liking:  no. LOVING. Lana Del Ray !  

 Wondering: If I Really will need to squeeze my butt into a swim suit this year L

 Loving:  wearing skirts and shorts.

Hoping: that the Winter Sniffles have Passed finally!

 Marveling: At how quickly my little boy is growing up

 Needing:  new converse’s

 Smelling: freshly cut spring grass!

 Wearing: my new obsession, boyfriend jeans!

 Following: women who inspire me, make me a better mum, woman, wife and friend ! ( follow me oninstagram Freerangemumma to see who )

 Noticing: How my a few kind words from my husband  can make even the most terrible day perfect

 Thinking: About  all of the blog posts in my head I need to get on paper !

 Knowing:  that I am the luckiest girl in the world J

 Focusing: On spending more time rolling around on the floor with my son, playing hide and seek and reading “the hungry caterpillar” 20 times a day … on being silly with him J

 Bookmarking: summer fashion I could actually pull off !

 Opening:  a fresh punnet of strawberries

 Giggling: inappropriately

 Feeling: hopeful, content, creative and blessed  J
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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