The Best $25 I Ever Spent ...

When Erik was six months old Aaron and I brought him his first bike, a plastic red yellow and blue trike from Big W …. It was $25.00 ! it’s the same type of trike I remember cruising around on in the back yard when I was little … I had to get it, I didn’t care if he never rode it but I had to have it !
We didn’t expect him to be interested in it for a while, as he wasn’t even crawling yet … but one day I got home from work to find Aaron with the biggest grin on his face …. “Come look at this !”, he said and dragged me up to Erik’s room ….
This is what I found …
Isn’t he adorable …. Aaron had popped Erik on the trike for a photo-op and instead Erik had started kicking his legs reversing the bike …. Aaron showed me how Erik reversed the bike again and again, smiling as he went!
It took only a few weeks for Erik to be zooming around the house backwards, he very quickly learnt how to manoeuvre around table and clothes hoists in reverse and only fell off at high speed a few times …. It was/is still his favourite mode of transport!
It took a few more months of reversing before he finally worked out the going forward bit … and then he was off … he would zoom down the hall way laughing, crash into things on purpose and we even caught him a few times riding his bike on the couch …. My little Dare Devil
Yep, my son who took 11 months to crawl and 14 to walk … could ride a trike at 6 months old !
This is still probably the most used toy, and even though it lives outside now…  Erik still spends about 2 hours a day on it, rain hail or shine!
Defiantly the best unexpected $25.00 I ever spent!
What was the best money you ever spent ???
Xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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