Taking the Risk ....

Taking the Risk …..
I’m careful, so careful…. I never rush in or buy impulsively, I always think about every decision and way up not only the pros and cons but the long term effects vs. the short term effects…. This is the way I’ve always been! And while sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it also holds me back from getting what I want because I’m to scared of failure, too scared of taking the risk and it not working out.
 I’ve always been too scared of putting my dreams out into the world and not having them accepted! Because one you say them out loud, put them on paper your committed to public recognition should you fail, and that why I have always kept my dreams close to my heart !
But this time it’s different, I’m taking the risk … I’m Jumping in head first and hoping for the best!
Because even if I take 6 months to make a decision or 6 days … I can still fail … but if I never even try, well than what’s the point!
So I did it, with the support from my amazing Husband, family and friends …. I have started my own Mobile Tanning Business “Bronze Addiction Mobile Tanning”
I am finally my own boss, which is what I have always wanted, and even though my blogging may slow slightly (don’t expect daily posts atm), blogging is still my me time, my hobby, my enjoyment !
I’m taking the risk,  I’m putting my heart, my time and my passion into something and hoping, with all my heart that it works … I’m refusing to let it fail !  For once in my life … I’m not afraid to try !
When I do think back over the last 22 years I realise something …. Some of the best things in my life have come from the biggest  risks, buying our house the week I turned 19, becoming a stay at home mum, changing jobs etc … so why have I been so afraid to take the risk !
Because, I’m so scared to lose everything I have …. Because I know I am so so lucky to have what I do and I am terrified of losing my happiness!
But worrying won’t change the outcome, so make you dreams come true….. close you eyes, take a deep breath and jump right in …. To life !
And don’t forget to check out my new business on face book {Bronze Addiction Mobile Tanning }
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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