Snuggles and Smiles .... { Key Ring Love }

So, I've been shopping around for a new key ring for a while, my old diamanté rhinestone glittery S key ring  I got for my 17th birthday, just didn't feel right any more.
I had looked on etsy, ebay etc .. and I'll be honest there were some pretty cute chevron ones available. But being a super duper tight arse, I couldn't justify $14.00 shipping for a $5.00 key ring ...
and then ... and then ... as I walked into the Barossa and Light Children's Market, I saw this little beauty ^
Adorable, whimsical hand made gifts .... for kids and grownups alike.
and by adorable I do mean ADORABLE !
 If you don't believe me just look at some of these and tell me you don't want to buy every single set ...
Absolutely beyond adorable ....  and the best things about my super cute fabric key ring, its light, super light, but still big enough I can dive into my handbag and find it with ease.
I love my { Snuggles and Smiles } fabric keying
I am also thinking about getting Erik the little Knight set, every boys should have brave knights to look up too !
Defiantly head on over to their site to see the new designs  uploaded frequently
All photos courtesy of Smuggles and Smiles Facebook Page
Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I received no compensation for writing this post
just sharing the love :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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