From Cot to Bed ..... { Making the Cot to Bed Transition Easy}

From Cot to Bed  …. Making the transition from cot to big bed easy J  

Our transition from cot-bed happened quite suddenly, when Erik realised if he bounced hard enough in his cot he could jump right out of it …. Head first onto the carpet!

And he did …. No harm done, he didn’t even cry, he was too pleased with himself for finally climbing out of there.

I might take a minute here to explain, that Erik was no normal 18 month old at this point… he was/is a climber …. Like a, climb up the kitchen cupboards/over the back fence/ up on his wardrobe kind of climber … he’s a bit of a dare devil!

Anyway …. I knew we would have to think about putting him in his bed soon, we had planned to move him to a big bed about 2 … certainly not at 18 months

But it was necessary, I knew that if I left him in the cot any longer at some point I would hear a thud in the middle of the night as he jumped out and probably snapped his neck …. so Aaron and I set about putting together Erik’s “Big Boys Bed” … ok Aaron mostly did it and I amused Erik with screw drivers and sheets … we tried to involve him and keep him really excited about it and I think this helped make it less scary for him !

That night we kept his routine exactly the same as normal …. 7; 00 bath, massage, book, bottle, bed … he looked so adorable all snuggled up in bed and fell asleep straight after his bottle …. Beforehand we had always kept Erik’s door open when he was in bed so we could hear him … I didn’t feel comfortable closing the door in case he fell out of bed, but we quickly realised we had to

Even though he had been fast asleep it took about 15 minutes before he was sleepily shuffling down the hall way to us … I took him back to bed … it happened again … Aaron took him back to bed … and closed the door behind him *worried*

By the time Aaron had reached me in the lounge room we could hear little cries from his room …. “Trust me” said Aaron … and even though it hurt to hear Erik upset, stuck in his little black room …. I waited

About 15 minute later, the cried were gone, I peeped through the door, and he was fast asleep, face first on his bed ….. We tucked him in properly and went to bed ourselves, both proud and apprehensive!

But the night that followed were quite similar, 7; 00 baths, massage, book, bottle, bed … close the door …. Erik eventually falls asleep and we open the door when we go to bed …

It works …. For us!

In the four months since Erik has been in a big boy’s bed, we have minimal issues …. If he falls out of bed he will usually make a small noise and then get back into the bed and continue sleeping, or he will just stay passed out asleep on the floor til morning …. Either way is fine with me

And only last week we’ve had our first “Night stroll” …. About 3.00 in the morning I heard the kitchen cupboard open ….  So I find him sitting on the floor playing with the measuring cups … “Back to bed”

I actually love Erik being in a bed now, even though it feels like he’s growing up way to fast, the family cuddles, and story times we have snuggled up on his bed makes every second worth it ! awww…..

So here are the most important things I learned to make cot-bed transition easier

  • Don’t be afraid to close the door

  • Put away/ up out of reach- all of the noisy/musical toys

  • Keep your normal bed time routine/bedtime

  • Consistency is key!

  • Most kids, can’t figure out a blanket yet so pop them in a grow-bag or sleeping bag to start with to ensure they don’t get cold

  • Make a big deal of how exciting the new bed is, how they are a “big boy/girl now” and how “mummy is so proud of you”

  • Make the change swift …. I know some people suggested using the big bed for day sleeps and gradually easing into night sleeps, but we found that a swift change was easier and disrupted him less

  • Keep the bedding similar to the cot, if he slept with a pillow before; use one in the bed …. But if he only slept with teddy, just keep teddy in the bed for now …. Just get them comfortable in the bed, you can worry about pillows and adorable covers down the track!

  • Keep it simple, you don’t want to overwhelm them, new bed only … don’t introduce, new bed, new blanket, new pillow, new pj’s all on the same night !

  • Get the old cot out of the room!

  • Double check the room for safety issues … kids tend to be a lot sneakier at night!

I know these tips won’t be for everyone as the parenting journey is different for each family.

You really have to take the time to investigate and try different things with your kids and your family to find what works for you … that is the most important thing

Find what works for you and your family … never apologise for what works for you!


If you have any questions or advice for mums going/been through the same transition please comment below … I would love to hear from you !


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