Free Range Family Camping ....

Free Range Family Camping ….

Free Range family camping means authentic camping, none of this caravan park, gas stove, portable PlayStation bring your own coffee machine crap

Camping for us means, squatting behind a bush, no showers, tents and dirty faces … and that’s precisely what we got this long weekend camping in the flinders …

We spent 2 nights camping by a dry creek in the Bendalby ranges about 40 minutes from Orroroo … it was perfect , no phone, facebook, pinterest …. Just our 4wd, some good friends, some challenging tracks to try and some good food to eat …. If there's one thing I love more than being in the outdoors its camping food …. Ian’s famous stew, foil dinners and s’mores … oh YUM !

It was everything I love about camping,

  • Dirty faces,
  • Red dust in everything
  • Bacon and eggs cooked over the fire for breakfast
  • Where everyone chips in and helps prepare and clean up meals
  • Stories around the campfire
  • Amazing views from some of the highest ridges
  • Long days and early nights
  • S’mores … oh god … S’mores !
  • Watching Erik help collect wood, stack river rocks and drive his truck around in the creek bed
  • Getting away from it all, the bills, housework … all the stress is gone
  • Visiting all the old pioneering ruins, imagining a simpler time … and part of me wishing that our life could be a little simpler!

Camping helps me reset, restore and refresh … I need it, I need camping more than I need a holiday at a 5 start resort …. I need it, every few months I need to escape the everyday with my little family and reset myself!

…. Remind myself that I am happiest when it is simple J

Happy snaps from this weekend ….

Our little boy was filthy dirty, exhausted and soo happy :)
Oh YUM ... doesn't this just make you want bacon and eggs soooo bad .... I'm Drooling !

 Meet; April and Dan's Beautiful little princess Heidi ... this little 7 week old bubba loves the outdoors and had a blast swagging it with mum and dad .... also how Brave are April and Dan, no way would have I ever had the courage to take a 2 month old bubba camping, but she was amazing ... props to April and Dan x you guys rock, you made it look so easy !

Lunch on the tail gate ... so many memories of doing this with my parents/grandparents, and so glad im carrying on the tradition :)

XXX Free Range Mumma XXX

And for any of those who personally know me, I coped really well on the 4wd tracks; I only had one major panic attack and had to walk up the hill ….. I was quite proud of my efforts!  For those of you who don’t know me personally, I hope one day I can share this part of my life with you … But for now, my anxiety attacks are still something I am trying to figure out for myself !



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