Dream Wedding on a Budget .... { Part 1 }

Dream Wedding on a budget …. Part 1 …

Sure, it’s the biggest day of your life … you want to remember it forever, you’ve been planning it since you were a little girl … but there’s no need to go overboard!

14 tier mud cake, stretch hummers and a 28 thousand dollar designer dress?

What are these brides thinking … now if you want to spend 40-80 grand on a wedding go straight ahead, that’s your choice and I’m sure you will have an amazing day …. But I’m here today to tell you … you can still have an amazing day for less expense!

I had my absolute dream wedding; on the less than average wedding budget of $10,000.oo which it you ask me is even still a lot of money for one day ….

So, breaking it down …. Here are the things we did to cut costs at our wedding!

 What can you DIY!

DIY, was a major part of our wedding, not only did it save us heaps of money but it was a lot of fun, and made some of the little details a lot more important and sentimental knowing you had made them yourself …

·         We made and printed our own invitations, menus, place cards and table seating boards.

All up the materials cost about $100.oo from spotlight, we kept it simple, but it ment we could carry the silver damask and diamante theme through the entire event without it being overwhelming. It did take a bit of time, printing, cutting, pasting, sticking, proofing … but it was fun to sit around the table with my mum making invitations with a glass of champagne !

All up , we saved about $200.oo by doing it ourselves

·         Flowers, don’t have to be real … or expensive! It seems that whenever you add “Wedding” on to anything, the price jumps up 70% which it certainly the case with wedding flowers. A bridal bouquet alone can cost from $150.00, and then you add bridesmaids, button holes, ceremony decorations …. It can add up really fast! Once again spotlight came to the rescue … we bought 5 bouquets of fake white roses from spotlight, some ribbon, glitter and silver beading … it took only a day to make the 3 bridesmaids bouquets and my larger one ( I combines two bouquets and wrapped the stems in white ribbon).

We also made the boys flowers for the wedding, by gluing fake flowers to artificial leaves and sewing on a pin. In the end I think it totalled to about $100.00 all up … which was cheaper than just the bride’s bouquet at a normal florist … the best bit … I get to keep it forever! (They look beautiful as they currently sit in my entry way)

Combining my adv diploma in Event Management with my love of blogging and my general penny pinching habits ...

 Special thanks to all my engaged friend for the inspiration to finally write this blog .... Future Mrs T, Mrs Z, Mrs W and Mrs H

Hope you enjoy
Part 2; Cars, Food and Drink ... coming soon x
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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