Chapter 2 ...x

Chapter 2 ....

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Alexandra Louise Harvey arrived in London the morning after her mother’s letter. 

 She arrived on the footsteps of Caverstill house with her maid Brigitte, covered in dust and her mother’s parting words stuck in her head “Don’t make a fool of yourself by talking about things you don’t fully understand… you’re a lady remember !”   

She had come to London … to find a husband, and apparently according to her mother, most husbands wanted stupid little women who kept their mouths shut,  I’m not stupid, but I can pretend to be  if it means finding a husband,  she said silently as she took a deep breath prepared to enter the house.    

 Alexandra had not even crossed the threshold of the grand town house, before she was positively attacked by her sister Kate, the Duchess of Caverstill 

 Kate squealed with delight, as she ran down the stairs nearly knocking Alexandra off her feet with her   repeatedly hugging and fussing. Alexandra knew, as always, that Kate would be excited to see her, and determined it would probably be about 10 minuted before she could actually get a word in between Kate’s talking. So she smiled, nodded and just appreciated the sound of her sisters laugh, and the sight of her smile which she had missed so much these past few months!  

“ oh Lexi, Lexi”  I'm so glad your here, I've missed your little jokes, and your blistering honesty .. no one is honest with me anymore, they just agree with whatever I say , I could say the sky was orange and they would just nod “ yes, your grace, of course your grace” , its dreadfully boring , they just fawn all over me all the time … I love it” , 

  She giggled and she looped her arm threw Alexandra's, and whisked her up the grand staircase leaving poor Brigitte in the hallway to flirt with the footmen. 

“I’ll show you your room, it’s magnificent and has a lovely view of the courtyard” Kate beamed at her little sister “I’ve missed you” ….  

“I've missed you too” Alexandra said, finally getting a word in between her sisters excited fussing ….

She couldn't help but smile, her sister’s happiness was infectious, she had a beautiful tinkling laugh that made you want to join in and a smile that melted even the most starched dowagers, Alexandra truly had missed her sisters smile …. They were two pieces of the same puzzle, as close as any sisters could be, and the past 4 months Alexandra had felt almost empty without kate… standing next to her made Alexandra feel at home, she let out a deep breath and let the happiness flow in !

  “I’m so glad to have my partner in crime back, together we shall simply conquer the Ton!” Kate laughed as she turned Alexandra down the hall and then a few steps later a sharp right into a chamber …

Alexandra stopped and felt her mouth drop slightly open … she was standing in the most beautiful Chamber she had ever seen. “That’s the exact reaction I was going for when I had this room re-decorated!” Kate said proudly

 The ceilings were nearly double the height of her room at home, everything was a pale duck egg blue with shimmering gold and in front of the window was a simple but elegant white desk....

 But the main feature of the room was in fact the huge bed, the canopy was draped with soft billowing white curtains and an array of blue and gold pillows were stacked artfully against the satin sheets.

It was beautiful !

 Alexandra seriously doubted if she would ever again, see a bed so inviting ….

 So with one quick glance at her smiling sister, she bounced over to the bed, plopping herself ever so dramatically in the middle of the covers and leaned back against the pillows,

 Kate followed her and leaned against one of the solid bed posts, “Kate? ….Have I died and gone to heaven?” Alexandra sighed, staring at the canopy,

Kate just chuckled

 “Marrying a Duke certainly does have its advantages” she said with a secret smile

Alexandra pretended to not hear the double meaning between her sister’s words, she knew Kate wasn’t the least bit interest in James money or titles or fancy pillows … the advantage Kate hinted towards were entirely bedroom related! Shaking the sheets, as it where! Thinks that Aleandra should not know about, but she did !

She rolled her eyes and sat up “Well, I guess I’ll just have to catch myself a Duke then, wont I?”

Both sisters laughed

 By mid-afternoon, Alexandra was feeling quite at home in the lavish Caverstill house, Brigitte had lovingly ironed and hung all of her Gowns in the huge wardrobe, she had bathed and dressed comfortably in a soft blue home dress and was now seated on a lush sofa in the morning room. She sat opposite her sister, sipping tea and eating lemon squares whilst catching each other up on the last few months of their separate lives ….

 Kate lay back on the sofa her head propped up by cushions, her skirts fanned out around her …. Two delicate, stocking clad, feet dangled over the edge of the chairs arm, as she let out a peel of laughter

 “ No, no .. He didn’t! "

“Oh yes he did”, replied Alexandra from her similar position in the small arm chair..

“He fell asleep right there in the middle of the service … he probably would have gotten away with it too … if he hadn't started snoring !”

Both women erupted in fits of laughter … prompted by Alexandra’s entirely un-lady like impersonation of Mr Browns snoring during church!

James, Duke of Caverstill arrived home from his banker’s office in the late afternoon only to follow the sound of his wife's laughter, to the door of the morning room …. 

She was not alone he realised as he pushed open the doors … two beautiful women with matching thick dark hair, were sprawled on the sofas laughing, the kind of laughter only the best of sisters share with each other!

“Little Alexandra!” he said as he beamed at his sister in law.

“James!” she squealed jumping out of her chair “it’s been forever! “She exclaimed  as she bounced over to him. He picked her up in his best big brother hug, she giggled as if she were 6 again , So he squeezed her tighter and lifter her high of the ground in response.

“Oh James stop it, you being a bully” Alexandra said and she tried to wriggle out of his arms, he just grinned and plopped her back on the ground with a start,  She glared at him, as she steadied herself.

 He gave her a genuine smile of brotherly affection and he saw her face soften, as it always did

“Your taller “he teased ….

She raised one critiquing eye brow and looked him over dramatically as if she were considering him for purchase 

“Nope … you’re just shorter” she said with a snap … the snap of a duke’s daughter trained to be a duchess, a snap that would strike fear into servant’s hearts! 

“You will make a fierce duchess” he remarked playfully as she bounced back to the sofa the teasing forgotten.  That was the wonderful thing about his wife and his sister in law, they were quite the actors. 

At home Kate was.... Kate..., giggly and sarcastic, she would chase him around the halls with no slippers on and her beautiful thick hair flying behind her. But as soon as they were in public, she was every inch a Duchess of the Realm, tall and graceful, dripping in elegance and sophistication, not to mention diamonds.

 She played the part of a noble duchess well – but at home she was just Kate, his Kate.

Somehow he knew Alexandra would be the same, all giggle and jokes at home and the elegance and curtsies in public. 

Kate sat up and re arranged her pink skirts so there was room for her husband, he sat next to her and took her hands in his giving her a kiss, the kind of  kiss that although quick,   told Kate exactly what he had in mind for later ,   it left Kate's head spinning, and her heart beating fast.

 Giving Kate a minute to recover, James turned to look at Alexandra straight in the eye

“So ….Little Alexandra”

He drawled as he raised one eye brow at her theatrically

“I believe, we are to find you, a husband?”

Alexandra Gulped ….



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