And Then I Started crying... {Breadcrumbs and tears}

And Then I Started Crying … 

Today was just one of those days ... one of the days where Erik is absolutely adorable one second and a total terror the next  

One of those days I run myself ragged getting the house clean during Erik’s brief nap ( running on no sleep I might add)… only for him to wake up and  destroy it again .. In about 10 seconds flat  

And I cried …. I sat on the lounge and cried as Erik pulled his lunchbox full on snacks of the counter, empties a box of sultanas on in the kitchen and rubs half eaten strawberries into the couch …  

I wiped my tears, knowing I was being ridiculous … “no point crying over spilt sultanas”

And soldier on like the strong mum I convince myself I am... Cleaning up the mess 

And then … not 15 minutes later … Erik covers the floor/couch in bread crumbs  

The tears start again  

He was trying to be sweet, I know he was, as he scrambled up into my lap throwing bread crumbs everywhere …. He wriggles and squirms trying to pull my hands from my face … and instead of comfort  

He smashed his forehead into my lip... 

 I pulled him off my lap and ran to my room

Yep!  I ran to my room and slammed the door behind me like a 14 year old having a fight with her parents …..

I buried my face into my pillows and cried … for a good ten minutes, while little fists pounded on my door yelling “MUMMA! Mumma !”

Eventually the tears slowed, the sobs stopped … the little fists stopped pounding and went to play with his blocks instead  

And I pulled myself together … 

No more tears, I don’t even know what I’m crying about to be honest, over tired? Exhausted? Hormonal? Just being a girl?

I know it’s more than bread crumbs on the floor I just spent an hour cleaning … well I hope it’s more than that, otherwise, I’m pretty pathetic right?
I open the door, build a few block towers, read Erik’s new “Vehicles” book 3 times … and then sweep up the bread crumbs! 

My mini melt down forgotten…Well almost! 

Because that’s motherhood, apparently!  

Mothers, who do the work of twenty but no one notices until we don’t do it!
And apparently today a scattering of breadcrumbs on my clean floors reduced me to tears… for reasons that in hindsight really didn’t matter.

 Breathe deep and long, again and again till the little things that bug you don’t matter anymore … 


And then …. I smiled J
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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