Ribbon Wreath ... { Free Range Mumma gets Crafty }

 Free Range Mumma, Ribbon Wreath Tutorial
So just because you can write a blog, does not mean you have to know anything about computers … Which I obviously don’t …. Defrag, corrupted files, disk back up’s …. You may as well be speaking French to me because I don’t understand any of it …
So it was no surprise when my neglected lap top finally started mis-behaving.
And after I got a lecture from the techie about how to “look after my lap top” It was sent off to be fixed ….. In the incredibly long  two week’s without my computer …. I found my craftiness again J
Ribbons, scrap book paper, glue, scissors, twine and material scraps littered the dining room table from dawn to dusk.
 Aaron just sighs and gives in,  responding promptly when I request  a hook in the wall to hang my latest creation, he humours me … He knows it won’t last long …
 My creative bursts are just that … bursts ….. Of extra energy and motivation channelled in to something productive !
So on a particular uneventful Monday afternoon … this happened ….
 My first { Ribbon Wreath }
I call it my rustic, country, left over, easy as pie, burlap and calico Wreath : )
Rustic; because that’s my favourite word at the moment
Country; burlap, calico and gingham … that’s country in my mind
Left over; because all the materials are left over from other projects … this wreath literally didn’t cost me a cent J
Easy as pie; …. Literally … if you can tie a knot and cut fabric you can do this !
So easy in-fact, that I’m sure you can figure it out from the pictures … and if not, I’ll leave some notes at the bottom of the page J
PS; this is a great activities for kids, especially for Christmas !

The How ....

 ·         You will need … a wire coat–hanger, some fabric scraps and scissors …. Yep that’s it J

·         Bend the coat hanger into a circle shape

·         Cut the fabric into strips, I used 3 different types of fabric, burlap, calico and a cream cotton … I cut each a different length and width to give it the “rustic” effect I was after

·         Then tie the ribbon on the coat hanger in a random order until it is full and wreath –looking

·         Add some embellishments like a gingham ribbon

·         Hang on your door and admire J

·         Simples !
{ Free Range Mumma gets Crafty }
:) x


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