I'm a Mean Mumma Because ....

I happen to be a Mean Mumma ... well according to my toddler anyway !

I'm a mean Mummy because .... I didn't give him a sip of my "special cherry coke" ( see above for reaction to this ... I said no , he cried for 20 minutes like the world was ending  )

I'm a mean Mummy because, Erik has never had soft drink !

I'm a mean Mummy because, when Erik cries (over nothing) I ignore him ... and occasionally I will even take photos ( as above) ... no this is not negligence, its Free Range Parenting!

I'm a mean Mummy because when Erik won't listen I just let him hurt himself to learn the lesson ... ie; don't slam the toilet door ( said 400 times) .... but  he still does it
so ...
 he eventually slams his fingers in the toilet door himself ..... never does it again !

I'm a mean Mummy because, if Erik doesn't eat the food I offer him ... he doesn't get any more choices, he will go to bed without supper !

I'm a mean Mummy because, I make him pick up his mess and put his rubbish in the bin

and ...

I'm a  awesome mummy .... because in 15 years ... OK maybe 20 .... hopefully he will be thanking me for being a Mean Mummy !

 Hopefully, he will thank me for teaching about the real world, about consequences, manners and patience.

Maybe one day, when he has kids of his own  he will say "Thankyou for being a Mean Mummy"
just like I have said to my mum


Thankyou for teaching my the value of a pack lunch.
Thankyou for letting me get dirty, pick up rocks and play with lizards.
Thankyou for saying NO !  
Thankyou for teaching me to pick myself up, dust myself of and keep going
Thankyou for letting me stand in the ants nest a minute longer to learn the lesson ... lesson learnt !!!
Thankyou for being an Amazing Mean Mumma  :)

I'm a Proud Mean, Free Range Mumma  :)

Are you a Mean Mumma too ?

My Happy Boy :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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