Im Dating My Husband ?

So, we are sitting at the table the other night after dinner  (surrounded my thrown peas courtesy of Erik)   and we are writing our "summer bucket list"(a list of all the things we want to experience together during summer )

We are talking about all the things we want to do together, the camping trips, the strawberry picking, the movie nights... and even thought most of the things on the list are family items, there are some things we want to do just buy ourselves  ... like going for lunch at the Palais at semaphore  or going to the drive inn  on a Friday night !

 ... When we both look at each other and realise ... we've just starting dating !

I know that sounds weird as we have been together six years and married nearly one year ... but we never really dated !

We met at school , got together and fell head over heels in love... There was no dating, sweaty palms, spending hours choosing the right outfit kind of nervousness !

We had been together about 3 weeks when we decided we wanted to get married and have kids, and then we just kind of,  got on with things ...

Now , nearly six years and one kid  later .... we have just started dating

Scheduling time to spend together just  one on one, going out to dinner, or seeing a movie ... has become a real highlight for us.

Because doing things together , as a couple, not just as  mum and dad is important ! So, bring on date night ... once a month we are going to spend time together without our little rugrat ... and I cant wait !

I'm nervous, I'm spending hours picking an outfit  and then hours more getting ready ...

Because I do want to put the effort in.
 I want the wow factor when he sees me all dressed up ... I want to go watch a movie, and cuddle up with him in the scary bits, just the two of us

 I want  few hours to forget about bills and nappies and vegemite fingerprints on the TV  ....

I want a few hours to be young and in love :)

Because ... The guy I fell in love with is now a man, my husband  ... and I'm falling in love with him all over again.

Thinking about stealing this idea, I found on pinterest ... Date Night Jar

dates in a jar :)

cheap date night ideas ??

Hopefully Ill be posting about the outcome of Date Nights soon :)

also hoping to post about Date Night  for Broke Couples ( us) soon ... so if you have any cheap date night ideas please let me know :)

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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