Guilty Little Pleasures ...


Guilty Little Pleasures

I have a secret … well I had a secret, I guess it’s not anymore because I’m about to tell you ….

You see I hate food shopping … well maybe not food shopping itself, but food shopping with a toddler.

Shopping with a kiddo in tow usually means I spend more time, giving him food/drinks/dummies, putting his shoes back on, and trying to restrain him in the trolley, than I actually do shopping …

We get threw it … but only just

 I pay quickly, load the bags into the territory and high tail it outta there before Erik loses it because I wouldn’t let him hold/crush the bread!

We get home I bundle him out of the car and he runs straight to the back yard and I breathe a sigh of relief as he waves to me from the top of the slippery dip … it’s done ! .. One more week till I have to go back again!

And as he plays happily in the back yard, I unpack the food shopping; occasionally checking on him threw the kitchen window (don’t get your knickers in a knot )

And then I join him in the back yard and I indulge in my once a week …

 “ Guilty Little Pleasure”

I tiny can of  Cherry Coke a Cola  and a cute straw, so I can savour every sip

“A can of coke? what’ so special about that?!” I hear you say

Well a little while ago, I tried giving up soft drink after I realised I was seriously dependant of the caffeine it contained L

( FYI:  I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I guzzled coke like It was going out of fashion)

The good news is, I no longer feel like I need a glass of coke as soon as I wake up, … ( I know , I can’t believe I was doing that either… ashamed !)  And I have gone from drinking a litre of coke a day, to 3 litres of water … I feel amazing !

But every week , during my super stressful food shopping, I sneak a can of cherry coke into my shopping trolley … it’s my reward, for getting it done, for making it threw the weekly food shop without  a melt down, something to look forward to as I’m wresting Erik back into the trolley seat !

Because every now and then we do need to reward ourselves, some people might enjoy a massage, or a new pair of shoes …. Me ? … A can of Cherry Coke once a week is enough!

Cherry coke , for me … brings back memories of my trip to the states when I was 16. Cherry coke was everywhere over there and till this day , even the smallest sip of cherry coke brings a bunch of memories flooding back… fantastic, amazing memories J

So once a week , for five minutes my guilty little pleasure transports me back to California … x

What's your guilty little pleasure ?
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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