Dear Daddy ...

 Happy Fathers Day !

Dear Daddy .... love Erik

Mummy and I  want to say thankyou for being the best daddy we could ever ask for and we hope that you have a really relaxing  fathers day .... but,  one day to celebrate and say thankyou , doesn't seem enough !

Because you do so much for us and  make us so happy ... we should be thanking you everyday !

But we get caught up in the routine, in the daily hustle and bustle ... and we forget to say thankyou for the things you do for us .....

Thankyou Daddy, for the tickles, play fights and hide and seek games
Thankyou Daddy, for the always giving me a kiss and saying good bye before you go to work
Thankyou Daddy , for helping mummy change nappies ( including the poopie ones )
Thankyou Daddy, for my nicknames ... Nugget, monster, Rugrat etc etc
Thankyou Daddy, for the mornings you get up early with me and we watch cartoons whilst mummy catches and extra 20 minutes sleep  ( mummy really appreciates this one ! )
Thankyou Daddy,  for mowing the lawn every week so I can play outside ... I know you hate doing it !
Thankyou Daddy, for letting me tag along on all your adventures, when most daddies would leave me at home with mum !
Thankyou Daddy, for reading books with me ... even when  your in the middle of something !
Thankyou Daddy, for making time for me every day to play and bath and read and laugh !
Thankyou Daddy, for putting me first !
Thankyou Daddy ,  for teaching me how to ride my trike, climb the slide and  kick a ball.
Thankyou Daddy, for understanding when I have a grumpy day
Thankyou Daddy, for understanding when mummy has a grumpy day !
Thankyou Daddy, for always listening to my needs, and understanding my signals !
Thankyou Daddy, for walking slow, so my little legs can keep up
Thankyou daddy, for holding my hand :)
Thankyou Daddy , for making everything fun ... for making me laugh !

and most importantly ....

Thankyou Daddy, for working so hard, every day at work so Mummy can stay home and raise me :)
It means so much to me that you sacrifice so much to be a good dad !
and one day, if I am half the man that you are, I will be happy.

so, Thankyou Daddy  .... for being our superhero !


Love Erik

( Via Mummy )

A BIG thankyou to Aaron ,
 My Dad Stephen and my Father in law Ian
x Happy Fathers day ...
thankyou so much for being such a positive part of our lives :)

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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