Why i Blog ...

Why I blog ...
I blog, to be a better mum,
I blog to teach me patience
I blog to write, something I have missed dearly since school
I blog, to appreciate the small things in my life .. like sticky strawberries hands
I blog, so my kids can look back in years and see all the small things
I blog, instead of writing a journal
I blog, to practice honesty, my life isn't prefect, but its honest
I blog, so I have an excuse to take a million pictures , and especially selfies
I blog, as motivation to dress pretty everyday
I blog, to connect to people , to tell mums its ok !, its hard , but you are doing a great job !
I blog, because it makes me feel good,
I blog, so I have time for me
I blog, for those "almost famous" moments, .... when a random stranger recognises you down the street, and says...
 "thankyou, for making me laugh/ cry/ smile !"
I blog ... because ... why not !

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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