My Maternity Photo shoot ....

by 36 weeks pregnant , I was over it , soo over it ... fat, sweaty, sore, swollen, being consistently  beaten up form the inside , I hated it , I wanted him out .... but you wouldn't know it by  looking at these pictures ...
maternity pictures capture the beauty, the miracle and the glow of pregnancy
and even thought whilst having the photos taken I was sweaty and uncomfortable and certainly less than glamorous, rolling about on the floor like a beached whale ....
I am so glad I had them done, because now I look back on them with such fond memories :)

my maternity photo shoot , 36 weeks pregnant with my son Erik
simple, elegant, expressive
 ... taken on a hot summers night, photographed by my amazingly talented cousin Melissa ... here are some of my favourite pictures ...
the tulle used in this picture, was also used in our wedding car and for Eriks bassinet so it holds lots of special memories for us ... Aaron is holding the tulle out of the picture ... this is my favourite shot of all :) 
this photo took soo long for us to get .. usually the baby kicks of the blocks , but my baby was behaving ... for some reason I just had the giggles and couldn't stop laughing and the blocks kept falling off ... it took forever, but I'm glad we persevered, because I love this photo :)
please note ;  these photos have been edited and my stretch marks removed ... trust me its better this way ... one day soon I might horrify you by showing you a picture of my "real" pregnant belly ... but not today
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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