Mummy Got Bored ... Lunch on a Stick !

Mummy got bored ....
Thus, Lunch On a Stick !
Simple peanut butter sandwich and strawberries, our normal lunch, but with a twist.
I put them on a stick ... I know, genius right !
Erik thought this was just the greatest thing since sliced bread, he spent ages playing/eating with his lunch, providing me with a bit of time to myself (ie. gulp cough medicine and chomp on some Strepsils) 
Eating it "corn on the cob" style, taking all the food off the skewer and then putting it all back on again in different orders,  proved to be lots of fun for little fingers.
I can't take total credit for this idea,
The original Idea came from a post I saw on pinterest, but the link didn't lead anywhere so I decided to do one myself ...
"lunch on a stick"
variations could include ...
 avocado sandwiches and cheese slices
hazelnut spread sandwiches and banana slices
turkey and cranberry sandwiches and grapes
or even - ham, cheese, cucumber and cherries ( for a no bread alternative) 
if you have any other flavour combo ideas ... Please  leave a comment Below ... I would love to try them :)
Lunch obviously proved to be entertaining enough as I found him like this a hour later ....
FYI, this NEVER happens !
x so cute x
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xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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