Is It Summer Yet ? ... last minute beach trip !

Today started like any other Tuesday ... except for one small difference ... the sun was out, and it felt amazing  !
Because the sunshine does that to you, it makes you happy ... It sometimes even makes you do crazy things ... like a last minute trip down to semaphore beach, for ice cream and a walk on the sand !
Because we all need a bit of spontaneous fun every now and again !
Especially me, who plans every thing, every last detail of any outing to make sure its perfect ... when it turns out, all that  I need for a perfect outing, is to decide at the last minute and just let it happen !
BIG thank you , to my Mumma , who didn't give me the option to say no, who gave me the gift of today .... feeling so blessed and content  !
x love u Mum x
So here's some pictures, of sandy toes, melted ice creams and big sunnies ( to cover my no-make up face )
so glad, that for some reason when I packed my handbag this morning I grabbed my camera :)
PS; Erik loved every second of it ... obviously !
So, no ... its not summer just yet !
but its coming
and I can't wait !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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