i should Be ...

Does Super Mum.... take naps ???

I should be ....
spraying the weeds that threated to take over our yard
 cleaning the oven,
 ironing Erik's curtains,
 organising our mortgage renewal ,
mopping the floors
scrubbing my bathroom
cleaning out the spare room
going for a run
writing my book
taking pictures for this blog
sorting threw Erik's, too small,  clothes
putting our wedding photos in the actual wedding album ... argh .... yep I still haven't done this
painting my nails ... they are super scraggy atm
... the list is endless
because right now, as I am writing this, its a beautiful sunny day out side ... and I have an endless to-do list .....
but I am going to take a nap instead .... yep , as soon as I post this I am going straight into my room , falling face first down on my bed and I'm am not moving until Erik wakes up from his nap ....
why ... because even though I should be doing all above ..... I know I should listen to my body more, .... my body is exhausted .... my body is still recovering from a cold .....
 my body says
 " STOP IT ... go lie down , rest ... otherwise you wont make it till tea time, your back will ache, your head will be pounding and you will be a grumpy bitch .... go have a nap ... go recharge your' batteries !!! "
so that's exactly  what I am going to do ... I am going to go and have a nap ... and I refuse to feel guilty for it ... the to-do list will be there tomorrow .. and the day after that ... and the day after that ....
well.. I'm off to take my guilt-free midday nap ... your welcome to join me :P
listen to your body :)

xxx(sleepy) Free Range Mumma xxx


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