Chapter one

I have decided , dead reader to share with you all , a little something I have been working on,
 a novel of sorts ....
set in London during the late 18th century  ... imagine, corsets, powdered wigs, Marie Antoinette, debutantes , rakes and rogues .... enjoy ...

Chapter one

James , Duke of Caverstill, sighed, and ran one hand threw his chestnut curls,   he had finally finished reading the very last report on his estate in Scotland, it had doubled in profit in the last year since they had introduced grazing sheep and found new tenants for some houses by the lake... his hard work with the forgotten family estate was beginning to pay off... He looked around his large study and just took a moment to appreciate what the last year had brought him … Kate , his beautiful, lush wife !

As if he had materialised her with his thoughts, he heard her excited voice  from the hall

“James , James “ Kate exclaimed as she pushed open the door to his study “ I have the most wonderful news”

he put down the paper he had in his hand as stood up from his desk, stretching high above his head

“well its not all wonderful , mother has been quite ill and confined to bed for days, so That's quite the opposite of wonderful “ she said as she fluttered around the room waving a letter in her hand “which is terrible news, actually, considering Lexi's debut is only a few days away … but that's the wonderful bit of news ….. “

James took one look at his wife's beautiful excited smile and flushed cheeks,( how he had managed to capture the most beautiful woman of last season he did not know) …. and slowly walked over to the door she had entered. He closed it , turning the key in the lock … she didn't notice of course, she was too busy talking about her letter …. he however had other ideas

he caught her around her tiny waist,( the affect achieved by her corset did entirely unreasonable things to certain parts of his anatomy ) and pulled his wife down onto his lap in one of the soft leather sofas which adorned his large office … she giggled , as her large green  skirts billowed out like large cushions

“your too excited and I cant understand a word your saying... your like an giggling school girl” he said into her smooth neck , as he nuzzled her

“ I am no-” she started to say, but was cut off as he pressed his index finger to her beautiful pink lips …

“shhh... 3 deep breaths “ he commanded with a stern glare

she rolled her big brown eyes , but took 3 breaths ….  James drew back his finger ,

“now that you have calmed down , you can tell me what all the fuss is about ?”

I received a letter today from mother

“ its Lexi “ she said “ Mother has come down with a terrible summer flu, the doctor says they she will be fine, but she needs to rest and absolutely no travelling ….”

“but isn't Le-” James started
 this time it was Kate's turn to put her fingers to her husbands lips , he playfully bit her finger tip, she glared at him “ This is important James “

he smiled at her , one of those melting smiles , as he traced little patterns on the small of her back with his fingers trailing over the soft fabric of her morning gown

“this is important “ she repeated … “stop trying to seduce me … I need to tell you about Lexi “

he put on his completely proper face “ I am all ears “

"her debut is 3 days away , Mother is bed ridden , Father is dead , our Aunt is in France … there is no one to debut her or chaperon her … poor Lexi will be devastated if her debut is postponed till next year …. I can chaperon her , I know it sounds silly as I was  the one being chaperoned last year, but because I'm a boring married woman... its perfectly acceptable for my to bring my sister out into society … although I would hardly need to do anything as her dowry pretty much speaks for itself … please James, please … its been so long since I've seen my sister, and even though I have you” she placed a sweet kiss on his cheek “ sometimes a woman, just needs her sister”

“hmm .. ' said James “I'm not sure I feel like sharing you for a few weeks” he said with a mock pout …. Kate playfully rolled her eyes … “but it has been months since we have seen Lexi and I do miss her, enthusiasm “

“oh you are wonderful James, absolutely wonderful, Lexi is so lucky to have you and so am I” Kate exclaimed as she repeatedly kissed his cheek …

“we will find her a wonderful husband, and you can help me make sure no fortune hunters chase her her … you know how ridiculously romantic she is, one kiss on a balcony and she will be head over heels ' Kate said dramatically

“Thats True” James thought …

he had known Alexandra ( know to her close friends as Lexi ) and Kate ( his new wife ) since they were infants , their fathers had been the best of friends and the families holidayed together every Christmas.

Both sets of parents had an extremely relaxed attitude to their home life... titles were abandoned and families were joined …. they would make jokes, laugh loud, the children would eat with their parents in the hall instead of in the nursery and they would all spend lazy afternoons by the lake …. the children were allowed to be children, not future Duke's and Duchesses'

he spent most holidays chasing the girls around the vast house, playing hide and seek and putting on plays for their parents,

  and even then Lexi had been wildly dramatic and exceedingly stubborn , she could always be found in the library curled up on one of the sofas with the latest romance novel or play , dreaming of her prince charming

Kate and Lexi had always been like the little sisters he never had . Until all of a sudden , Kate wasn't …. she was a young lady, a delicious beautiful enchanting young lady .

Alexandra would need quite a bit of supervision, if she was anything like her sister …. his thoughts drifted back to a warm summers night, the night his wife, well his fiance at that point, came to seduce him in the gardens at their own betrothal party
“James ?” Kate asked, interrupting his day dream

“I promise to make sure no fortune hunters take dearest Alexandra anywhere near a balcony...” James said dramatically with one hand on his heart and his eyes closed ….

Kate giggled ,

“or the garden”

James opened his eyes , and there was something in them Kate recognised all to well … desire

“I will seal this promise to you , dear wife , with a kiss …”

“just one kiss “ she said saucily , leaning closer to him

one kiss, two kisses … what's the point of being not-so newly-wed’s of you cant enjoy an afternoon romp n the study floor every now and again


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