Mummy Hearts Jam Jars ....

Can I tell you a secret .... ?
Today I brought the expensive jam  !!!
Not because it tastes better,
Not because it makes me look fancy when I bring it with my scones to play group
and certainly not because I am prejudice to other jam brands ....
I brought it for the jar  !
yep, just the jar ....
sure I will enjoy the strawberry goodness over the next few weeks ... but honestly , I'm counting down the batches of scones until that jar is empty,
Till I soak it in hot water, peel of the label, let it dry and put it on my jar shelf  in the laundry ...
Yep, I'm weird like that .. I like jam jars.
Jam jars bring out my shallow vanity ,  and I'm OK with it !
Because lets be honest, who can resist a jar of French jam ( even if it is an extra $1.30) when it has a red and white gingham pattern lid
The point is , for all my hard work  trying to live my life without  material things to make me happy , I can still find perfect happiness in a jam jar !
Do you have something weird that makes you happy?
Perhaps you collect door knobs, or find pleasure in scraps of material you will never use .... me ? ... I like Jam Jars !
They make me happy x

Then , because we could , Erik and I took a "ride" on the washing machine during its spin cycle
Small things = So much joy !

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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