Blueberry & Banana....Skinny Muffins !

We have all probably got one or two over ripe bananas sitting in our fruit bowl at home ...

 I know personally, in my house, there are always at least 2 bananas that are just a bit too ripe and  no one wants to eat .... so what am I going to do with them ?

obviously I am not a foodie photographer :p

I ask Sally of course ...

 By ask , I mean I jump on her website ( Sally's Baking Addiction)  and I scout the mouth watering recipes until something pops up ...

Today, that was Blueberry and Banana "Skinny" muffins .... uh yes please !

Just the pictures, had my mouth watering, so I got to work, whisking and measuring and "taste testing"... till presto ... absolute perfect muffins !

And I do mean absolutely perfect.
These muffins are soft, fluffy light and delicious, you wouldn't even know they are the "skinny" version !

The thing about Sally's recipe are ... they work every time !

I trust her completely, knowing her recipes are thoroughly researched tried and tested ...

The night before an event, I can rely on Sally's recipes to give me perfect results, where as previously with other recipes I have always had to have a "Back up plan" in case they didn't work.

I trust these recipes, I love these recipes .... especially this one !

So I want to say thank you Sally !

And a big cheers to the  over ripe yucky bananas that now have a purpose :)

to see the Recipe click HERE

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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