10 MORE things you should know about me, if we are going to be best friends ....

10 more things you should defiantly know
The weird, the wacky and the wonderful ....

1. I cannot spell to save myself ... thank god for auto correct !
2. I can turn from nice to bitch in about .2 of a second .....  telemarketers, and door knockers beware !
3. I will get up super early to cook my husband bacon and eggs for breakfast .. but end up skipping breakfast myself  !
4. I  will delete anyone on face book who sends me a game request ... you have been warned
5. I cant stand , naked toe nails ... they must be painted , and colour coordinated with my outfit !
6. Sometimes I write things on my to-do list I have already done , so I feel good about ticking them off  :P
7. sometimes I bake "packet mix" muffins  add an extra egg and some vanilla essence ... and call it home made ....  Shocked yet ?
8. I wear my Hunter Gumboots as if they were Loubitons .... " what do you mean , gumboots arn't the ultimate accessory??"
9. I still get butterflies when Aarons due home from work .... I even go and tidy myself up, just before he arrives.... fresh make up , perfume, brush my hair :) love him !
10 . People who wear ugg boots in public make me physically ill .... put some shoes on , there is never any good excuse to wear slippers out in public , i don't care if its only to BP ... put some bloody shoes on !
11. Wearing matching bras and knickers makes me feel like I've really got my life together !
12. I obviously cant count ... lol .. oh well !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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