You Had me at "Free Dip" .... Your Inspiration at Home Party x


now normally ( like most of you )  I run the other direction when someone says those awful words ....

 " I'm hosting a party for ... ( insert totally worn out product here ) next Friday would you like to come ?"

but this particular friend who invited me , is not stupid, is not into yuppie fad crap and is an amazing cook ... so when she mentioned " there will be free dip " .... well, of course I'm going !!!

I had never heard of "Your Inspiration at Home " before ... but now I can confidently say ....

 this particular "party product " kicks arse .... kicks tupperwears arse, kicks Body Shop and nutrimetics arse .... and defiantly kicks Candle Party's arse !

 this party , you get to taste, smell, experience... culinary delights !

the kids ran around and played surprisingly well with each other, whilst the rest of us huddled around a harvest table in a country kitchen on a rainy barossa day  ... and began our "tour of the world " via lunch !

we did "shots" of tea ... ah-mazing tea ,
sampled dukkahs, dips, bruschetta, roast meat rubbed in the most amazing spices,
 salads with apples, crushed almonds and mango and guava balsamic dressing  ,
 and apples mulled in "essence of Christmas "

we inhaled deeply appreciating all the smells and tastes on offer to us ... and at home as I write this.... my nose is having withdrawal symptoms  and my pantry is seeming rather flavourless !

to learn more click here
or to book a tasting with our wonderful host Shirley click Here

shots of tea ...
 these are the ones I absolutely must have ....
chocolate and almond dukkah, for over ice cream and desserts ...
chocolate raspberry truffle chocolate powder ... this is just heaven and I cant wait to wake up to a hot mug of this in the morning
and the balsamic dressing mentioned above .... this is going to take my salads to a whole new level !
the dips etc are amazing, but we are trying to cut back on things like that at home, so they might have to wait :p
" your inspiration at home " was an unexpected but delightful experience and I cant wait to recieve my products soon :)
* this is not a paid promotion or sponsorship * 
I just enjoyed it so much I feel the need to spread the word 
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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