You Dont Make Friends With Salad ....

I am not usually friends with salad .... we get along alright in summer, but drift apart in winter !
because I honestly cant be bothered making a salad for one person , it just seems so pointless and time wasting than more often than not I'll steam veggies instead ..... that was until I happily stumbled across this girls blog ... Victoria ... super clean eating godess if there ever was one !
this has been a game changer .... salad and I are starting to work on our friendship again
not only does she have a million amazing flavour cominations to try , its all , gluten and dairy free which is good for my very fussy body ... and best of all , its easy , and fun
basically your going to want to scour her entire website ... I know I did when I first found it ...
but heres a time saving top three amazing "game changing posts"
 things I have implimented in my house hold !
this is number one for obviouse reasons, its adorable , salads in a jar ... you cant get much cuter, I love seeing my salad jars stacked in the fridge , it takes about 15 minutes prep time and I have pre made salads for the entire week ... a squeeze of lemon will keep any apple slices from browning :)
 my favourite, the cranberry, apple, walnut and cos lettuce salad ... yummo !
we were kind of already doing this in our house, but this post really clarified it for me :)

did someone say pie  ... ?
yes but not quite ,
 Erik and I eat porrige ( oatmeal) most mornings but I've always done the uncle tobys quick oats route, 90 seconds in the microwave and done ....
 but Ive found this new recipe to be so satisfying ....
its deliciouse and as I stand there stirring it letting the deliciouse aromas fill my house , 
I feel very motherly and warm ..
very oldworld and pioneer woman -ish
anyway ... point is I love it ... yes I still have the quick oats for the mornings erik poops 4 times more than usual and breckfast is nearly missed as we dash out he door after the 4th change of clothes ...
but this recipe is my new favourite for oats :)
I even prefer it over pancakes ...
oh my god, did I just write  that ...
yep.... it must be good !
basically this girl is my new "green" guru
if you loved her website as much as I did, head on over to her face book and show her some love :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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