WIW : Sunday .... Im a cool kid now , I belt my cardigans !

What I Wore Sunday

Sunday , running errands, visiting family, picking lemons, sorting junk, making beds, ... watching erik ride his recently restored vintage trike ( pictures comming soon ) and falling asleep on the swing ( this was beyond cute ) .... watching my favourite movie "The Tourist" in the afternoon, cuddled up on the couch with my handsome hubby dreaming of Venice  whilst it poured with rain outside :)

and I finaly decided to try belting my cardigan ... I've seen this on lots of fashion blogs and honestly thought it was kind of silly ... but Ive changed my mind now

as a woman its my job to change my mind as often as my knickers lol

 its cute, it gives me a waist ... and yes im officially a cardigan belter now :p

 I kind of love this outfit .... to be repeated
yep I'm an outfit repeater ... the shame :p

I love sundays
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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