Turning 22 ...

I know I've been a bit MIA over the last week .... my sincerest apologies ... but it has been birthday week :) ... and I've been sick :( so when I'm not eating cake and spending time with family, I have been curled up in a ball wanting to die ... or Ive been  looking after my equally sick little munchkin ...

the life of a mum ... no sick days , no breaks , no rest to recover

and when i did manage to eventually get erik to have a nap ( when I would normally blog)..... this time... resting won instead , hot showers, sleep , lemsip !  
but it was still a wonderful birthday week ... even if  I was doped up on cold and flu drugs and running after a snotty grumpy toddler :)

birthday week included,
 Sunday lunch with close family and friends at the roaring 40s cafe angaston .. yumm !
red velvet cupcakes ( From my mummy x )  at the park in the pouring rain blowing bubbles .
Erik's swimming lessons, showing off my hunter gumboots
lunch at the company kitchen angaston
gumboot selfies
lots of cuddles        
and no dishes ... that my one rule for birthdays ... " I don't do dishes "
( hence eating out and ordering pizza hehe )
and I got totally spoilt from my amazing family, gumboots, cook books and new coat, shoes scarfs, perfume etc .... and a dyson ..  yep a dyson ... I own a dyson ( this is a big deal for me )   ... more on this later !!!

birthday week happy snaps 
( excuse the poor quality, when I went MIA so did my camera,  :s    )




yep ... its called birthday week for a reason , somehow birthdays in our family seem to always stretch out a few days ... no one really complains , the extra cake usually does the trick :p
turning 22 .... was not quite as horrible as I thought ...... it was easier than turning 21 , no pressure no expectations or stereotypes ... but 22 still doesn't really feel right ....
because any one who knows me knows I am defiantly not 22 .... not even 23, 24,25 ... I'm probably closer to 30 .... my birth certificate might say I'm 22 , but that's the only thing that does  !
everything else screams 30 .... get pissed of of half a glass of wine, cant stay up past 9;30 , never sleep in past 8, cant stand half of todays music , just the thought of going out to the city clubbing is exhausting ... and I got gumboots for my birthday along with seeds for my garden and cook books ... yep I'm an old lady ...  I love it !

I am so happy being an old soul in a spring chicken ... true contentment
because Ive always felt older than I was meant to be ... in kindy I wanted to be in school, in primary school I wanted to be a teenager, in highschool I wanted to be at uni ... and once I left school I wanted to be a wife and mum ... and now I am a wife and mum , I wouldn't rush another second ! 
I love exactly where I am right now  and what I have achieved by 22, I might have done it quicker than most people ,
 but I don't feel I've missed out on anything ....
 Ive just found my happiness sooner than most
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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