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when I was a little girl , I spend most of my time with my head in a book , I turned the underneath of my desk into my reading nook , cushions, torch , books ... I was set !
when I was a teenager you could find me , book in hand, with my torch , reading under the covers at 2.00 in the morning ... unfortunately I still do this , it drives my husband crazy ... once I start a book, I cant put it down .... lucky I'm good reader so I can usually finish a book in a day , day and a half ....
but, I digress
I want nurture my sons love of books , I want him to be able to scape into harry potter rather than scape into COD on a computer screen ...
so ... I finally gave him a "secret reading nook" , I think what made reading so special when I was little was my reading nook , safe, cosy , just me and my book ...
his nook is hidden from view of the door by the cot, but its near the window to still allow lots of natural light ... a special place just for him ...
hopefully this little nook is somewhere he can have quiet time, by himself, or with others,
somewhere he can read his bedtime book with daddy after his bath , 
quiet, cosy, safe, everything a reading nook should be
CLIMB TREES canvas ... spotlight $13.00 ...
 this sums up free range parenting , and Erik perfectly , I had to get it
SPACE COUCH - kmart $20.00 ... gift when Erik was born , folds out to a bed as well , cover is removable for washing
BOOK TUB ... Big W $10.00
RED CUSHION ... IKEA $5.00 , cosy and extremely fluffy
its only simple, no fancy book storage or secret reading tent etc , but its perfect for him .. and for his room :) .. hopefully he will grow up cherishing books as much as I did ... I cant wait to share with him , harry potter, the hobbit, original fairy tales, peter pan , the wind singer oh and about another million books Ive fallen in love with over the years !

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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